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Making Healthy Simple Again In 2017


Welcome to 2017!

The start of a new year can bring conflicting feelings to many. Hope, ambition and anticipation build as we set new goals for our new chapter.

Perhaps there’s some disappointment, too, if 2016 wasn’t all you wanted to be. Or doubt, looking at your crisp blank calendar wondering if this is the year you really will make your dreams come true.

We want to help you reach your health goals this year. And, we’re doing that by bringing it back to the basics.

It’s your time.

Make 2017 the year you heal from the inside out, eating whole, delicious plant foods that get your body dancing on a cellular level.

This is the 5-year-anniversary issue of Raw Food Magazine with the sole mission of making healthy simple again.

Healthy doesn’t have to be difficult. Or complicated. Or confusing.

After 5 years, 30+ issues, 300+ pages and 1000+ recipes, if there’s one thing we’ve learned?

It’s that the simple stuff works.

Start your Raw Food Magazine trail today and let’s get back to the basics to create the life of your dreams.

Here’s a glimpse of what made it into our 5th Anniversary Issue!:

  • Hot Soups To Keep You Cozy and Comforted all winter
  • The Best Breakfasts to fuel you up to thrive all day
  • Conquer your cravings so you finally make peace with food
  • Makeover your beauty routine for a toxin-free regimen
  • Discover the potent healing properties of one little pepper
  • Expert Advice on how to have more satisfying relationships this year
  • The best questions to ask to find the perfect doctor for you
  • Easy steps to grow your own wheatgrass to save money and not get sick
  • One Dish Dinners for a healthy meal when you don’t feel like cooking
  • Raw Vegan Cakes Designed By Your Aura
  • 5 Simple Habits Positive Psychologists Recommend for a Happier Life

Join us and let’s make happy, healthy living SIMPLE again!

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