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7 Day Refresh


Enjoy Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes For One Week And See A Difference In Your Healthy, Weight, Energy and Clarity

The NEW 7 Day Refresh is finally ready! The test group finished earlier last year and everyone lost weight and felt amazing at the end of week. It was a lot of fun and delicious. The entire program is up and running now.

We just want to offer you a mega deal for joining Raw Food Magazine and give you 50% off this new program coming out this year.

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Let’s dive right in and cover any questions you might have.

The Refresh is for you, if…

  • You want to give your body a refresh but you think eating raw for 7-days seems too difficult.
  • You’ve ever found yourself wishing for more energy to do the things you love and spend time with people you care about.
  • You could use some new ideas about easily preparing balanced, healthy and delicious meals to create healthier habits at home.
  • You’re starting this season not feeling and looking as great as you want, not looking as great as you want, and you are looking for a healthy way to kickstart your weight loss and start feeling fabulous.
  • You want to take your health to a new level.  You want more energy, better sleep, and happier days.

The world is a much different place when you’re not bogged down by processed and unhealthy foods.  If you’ve been wanting to start fresh this year with a lighter and more energetic self then this is your big ticket.

Created By Certified Nutritionists and Detox Expert


Sara Grove

Refresh Coordinator


Tyson Hale

Food Photographer


Adam Graham

Raw Food Detox Expert

Amanda Ashley

Certified Nutritionist

Stacey Peterson

Certified Nutritionist

We teamed up with the wonderful team that helped created our 7 Day Fresh and we took everything we learned our past meal plan and put it into this 7 Day Refresh.  To be honest, it was a lot more enjoyable because we had a real good idea what needed to happen to make this an incredible week of raw vegan deliciousness.

The 7 Day Raw Vegan Meal Plan is easy to follow and complete during a normal work week.  Going into 2017 we’ve revamped it again to make it that much easier complete.  You’re going to love it!

What is a ‘Refresh’ & Will I Be Hungry?

Is it breakfast? A snack? Or the best dessert you’ve ever eaten? Believe it or not, this Chocolate Avocado Pudding is your day 1 dessert and it’s good for you!

We decided to call this a Refresh (not a cleanse or detox) because there is no deprivation here!

Most cleanses and detoxes we’ve seen require restricting calories, drinking lots of bitter green juice or practically starving yourself. This 7-Day Refresh is far from that. Our satisfying raw food recipes will keep you full while giving your body and mind the chance to find it’s own natural happy and energetic rhythm.

When we say you’ll be full during the Refresh, we mean it.  

We know this is a big concern for some and we made sure the Refresh keeps you full and satisfied the entire time. Daily meal plans include three meals plus snacks and an optional dessert. Everyone who fills out a survey at the end say they felt great during the whole Refresh and never wanted more food.

What’s Inside?

This 7-Day Raw Food Refresh was made to support your goals in the easiest, healthiest way possible.  Our mission was to make this the most satisfying and effective raw food program you can complete.  It’s simple and intuitively organized–just navigate to your week or day and everything you need is there.

Here’s a quick peak of what’s inside:

  • 1. 7 Days of delicious raw food recipes to cleanse your body and mind.  That's every meal, snack, smoothie, and dessert for the week!  These recipes were made for the Refresh and are only found in the Refresh.
  • 2. Simple shopping list to print & check off.  No need to wonder what to buy for the week... this is a huge time saver!
  • 3. A meal plan overview for each week.  Print the weekly overview stay organized and easily see what you'll be eating each day.
  • 4. Private Facebook Group. Once you enter, you'll get access to the Private Facebook Community where you can chat with past Refresher's, read past conversations and meet those who are starting at the same time as you.  We even added an community page inside the Refresh where you can see pictures and bios of all the amazing people who have joined the Refresh.  We're looking forward to seeing yours up there.
  • 5. A Complete Raw Food Recipe Resource Section.  We took every recipe from the Refresh and 21 Day Reset, added a bunch more and compiled them in an organized, easy-to-navigate area.  If you ever want a different recipe, head to the resource section and swap it out.  It’s that simple.
  • 6. The complete Refresh is on a digitally interactive platform. Instead of having to navigate long PDF's and pages of "extras" that don't help you stay focused and reach your goals, we designed this platform to guide you right to your day and show you only what you need to know, with digital check lists and all.  We also include a complete PDF of the Refresh if prefer that option, but the whole Refresh can be done with ease from your smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • 7. FAQ section and access to our support team.  We will be with you throughout the Refresh answering any questions you might have along the way.  You’ll never have to wonder if you’re doing something right or wrong.
  • 8. Our Simple Preparation Week System To Get Refresh-Ready.   Once you're inside, you can head right to "Prep Week" section where you’ll be taken through practical steps to being completely ready. Starting your Refresh should be easy, fun and exciting!
  • 9. Life After Refresh Section.  The Life After Refresh unit will help you transition back to eating cooked foods (if that's what you want) and help you continue receiving the benefits, energy and weight loss you experience during the Refresh for the long-term.
  • 10. NEW Personalized Refresh Page: Created to help you adjust the Refresh to your body type, gender and activity level.  We are all different and we want to make sure this Refresh fits you and your lifestyle.

There’s a lot more inside, and the best part is it's organized and easy to find exactly what you need.  The great news is we will continue to add to and improve the program to make it even better. If you get in now, you will have lifetime access and receive all future updates for free.


7 Reasons To Do The 7-Day Raw Vegan Refresh

These are some of the biggest reasons to join this Raw Vegan Refresh today. This Refresh is perfect for you if...


  1. Your weight is not where you want it to be.
  2. You feel tired and low on energy.
  3. You often wake up feeling groggy or unmotivated.
  4. Your skin, hair, or face appear dry or dull.
  5. Your feel emotionally drained and need to revive.
  6. You tend to give in to unhealthy cravings.
  7. You want to improve your overall health, experience more energy, sleep better and feel happier every single day.

If any of these statements resonate with you, you’re about to experience your body and your life in a whole new way.  This Raw Vegan Refresh really can be a game-changer, giving you a new perspective and creating momentum in your life on a happier and healthier path. The energy, lightness, clarity and feelings of upliftedness reported by test participants are unbelievable and can happen for you, too.


6 Raw Food Refresh Myths/Concerns/Questions

1. Is it going to take too much time?  

Creating the raw food meals will often be 2-3 times quicker than preparing cooked food.  We also are including a bonus report debunking the time myth and giving you the best strategies to save time with raw food.

2. Am I going to be hungry?


You will enjoy this yummy Avocado Pesto Zucchini Pasta on Day 5... tastes unbelievable 🙂

Being hungry is out of the question during this Refresh.   The nutrition, fiber, and healthy fats are well-planned to keep you satisfied.  Many of our raw food meals satisfy the emotional triggers behind strong cravings for comfort foods.

3. Is Grocery Shopping Expensive?:

This answer to this question varies across the world and depends a lot on what you normally eat and purchase during a week.  When we did the test group in the fall, we found that most people spent about the same as they did in a normal week. Some even saved money eating this way (about half saved money).  The truth is, there is no price on your health.  You’ll pay for it now or later.

4. Can I do it if I have a normal work week?

Yes!  We put a lot of energy and intention into addressing this very issue. Lets face it, many of us will work during the Refresh, and need the program to work with our schedules.  We organized the Refresh with only 2 Prep Sessions in the week where you prepare the base recipes to create your meals for a few days at a time.  This works great if you have a busy schedule, family responsibilities, or just don't like spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

5: Will I have to eat cold food the entire time?

Absolutely not! This is a myth that many raw foodies still don't know is false! Anything you eat can be warmed up, so long as it doesn't get heated above 104-120 degrees Fahrenheit.  During the Refresh, we include instructions for you to enjoy warm soups and snacks if you'd like.

6: Will I only be eating raw fruits and vegetables the whole time?

A raw vegan diet consists of much more than fruits and vegetables. THIS IS NOT A BORING BITTER MEAL PLAN.  You'll be combining ingredients that will make easy, tasty and healthy recipes.   You'll finish with a whole new repertoire of easy and delicious recipes that are good for you.

 You are going to be amazed by how great raw food recipes can taste. The Refresh even includes a dessert every night.  We’re sure you will end the Refresh with new favorite recipes to add to your normal routine.


happy smoothieYou’ll Have A Support Group The Entire Time

You are not alone!  Even if you are the only one in your home or community doing this Refresh, you will have a warm, loving and supportive Refresh group with you the whole way through.

If you can find someone to do this Refresh with you, wonderful!  If not, it's totally fine, we have a private Facebook group and someone working in the office dedicated to supporting you and answering your questions.  And, when you get inside we have prepared a list of great ways to get involved and to be part of a healthy social group.


We’re Also Throwing In 5 Special Bonuses

1. 7 Day Refresh Beginner's Guide - FREE

The 7 Day Raw Vegan Refresh Beginner's Guide is a complete layout on how to get ready for Refresh Week.  It will also cover what's inside the Refresh and why it was created the way it was.  This way you can take what you discover and apply it in your future health.

We also dive how to transition back to your normal diet after the Refresh along with time & money saving tips to apply while shopping and seeing up your kitchen for success.

The Raw Vegan Refresh Beginners Guide will make the entire experience that much easier.

 Value = $29 - FREE


2. Simple Raw Steps To A Healthy You With Rene Oswald - FREE

Rene Oswald  has been successfully eating and teaching raw foods for over fifteen years.  She shares her wealth of knowledge and experience with you in this exclusive interview, teaching you how love the raw experience and what to expect from it.

Rene has helped hundreds of people lose weight, heal ailments, and take control of their health with raw food.

Listen in the car, at home or on a walk, Rene's going to help you get the most out of this 7-Days experience.  The complete audio is available for you to download free inside the Refresh.

 Value = $19.95 - FREE

Here’s a little preview to listen in on, the full version is inside.


3. Any Issue of Your Choice - FREE

We want to be able to give YOU what you need to make this an incredible experience.  We are all different and we want you to be able to pick the issue that best fit who you are and what you want to learn.

When you enter the Refresh you will be able to view all 30+ back issues of Raw Food Magazine. Once you have the issue you want, you can go to the bonus page, scroll to the Free Issue Section and let us know which issue you want free access to.

Value = $15 - FREE



4. Smoothie Week - FREE

Smoothie Week is an optional delicious week created to help you gently transition into an easier Refresh experience.

The goal is to have one smoothie, once a day for 7 days.  It’s that simple.  Eat what you want for the rest of time, just remember to have at least one smoothie each day.

We want to give you everything you might need to have an incredible Refresh.

Value = $15 - FREE -




5. Lifetime Access The Members Area Recipe Resource - FREE

We have created an entire Raw Vegan Recipe Resource in our members area and you'll be getting lifetime access to all recipes in it and all future recipes added to it.

Now you can even save your favorite raw vegan recipes to your Personal Saved Raw Vegan Recipes Page.  This way you can jump back to them anytime to see the recipes you've loved the most.




Comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We know this Refresh is will be amazing for you.  So, we stand behind this program 100%. We want you to know we will take care and want you to get the most out of your Refresh.  If for some reason this program is not what you need at this time, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you a refund.




Special Offer


Success Stories From Past Refreshers

Before we opened to the public we had a test group go through the entire Refresh and tell us about their experience so we could perfect the program before releasing it to you.  Reading comments from the Refresh is our favorite activity in the day.

Below, participants from the fall share their experience of the Raw Vegan Refresh.

Pat, Age 62, Nurse Practitioner

I wish I would have entered in my experience each day of the week then I could have sent that over.  I remember being a little unsure on day 1 but I did it will my friend so I couldn’t let her down.  We finished with only a couple slip ups and went out to a nice restaurant after.  I am glad I did it, I had more energy to read at night and my skin cleared up.  I try not to weigh myself but did feel lighter and I do seem to have a better outlook on life from that week…

Pat Jenkins

Randy, Age 32, Musician

Hi, thanks for reaching out, I would love to help.  I take my health serious, I want to be 80 and feeling great.  I definitely had more energy and I felt lighter at the end of the week. I plan on doing this Refresh once a year now.  I wasn’t to hard, it was well layed out.  Thanks again, let me know if you need anything else.

Randy O.

Lindsey, Age 19, Wants To Be A Teach

I was a little scattered when I first joined and I wanted to thank you for answering all my questions.  I’m in the middle of the Refresh right now and it’s amazing.  Feeling great, doing great.  Day 4 here we go!

Lindsey Foster

Emily, Age 26, Student

The Refresh was exactly what I needed.  I was going to do the 21 Day Reset and then I though maybe I should go for 1 week first and see how it goes.  I am now planning on doing the 21 Days because of how much weight I lost and how much better I feel.  I can only image how much better I would look and feel after 3 weeks.  Also, I was concerned about being raw around friends but come to find out 2 of them want to join so it’s been all around a great experience. Thanks.

Emily R.

Dave & Jess, Age 58, Real Estate Agent

Hi Sara and Tyson, we’d love to write about our experience. Dave and I did the Refresh about a week ago and it was a wonderful.  In general, we try to stay healthy but nothing compares to a programs like this.  Being on a diet of living foods for a week helped free us from internal build up of junk inside and we both feel a lot better….

Dave and Jess

Darlene, Age 41, Nurse

Hi Tyson and Sara, you two are wonderful. I have never done anything like the Refresh and here I was going for it one week.  I got to tell you, it was a little scary knowing I wasn’t going to eat what I am used to and then around day 3 I was hooked.  I wish I would have taken some before and after photos cause I see a difference and feel great….

Darlene Perkins

Amanda, Age 23, Student

I wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved the Refresh.  I just finished and I still made the chia pudding snack this morning cause it tastes so good.  Thanks for putting together such a wonderful program.  I’ll be share it will others, have a great day, Amanda

Amanda Williams

Andrew and Stef, Age 29, Barista & Contractor

We did it!  It was not as hard as we thought.  We love the desserts and I think Andrew found some recipes that he really enjoyed that he still makes.  I am not sure how this happened but Andrew lost 8 pounds and I lost 5, we do love dairy products, soda and bread so I am sure not eating those helped.  Whatever the case we have a lot more energy and we plan to do it next year around this time.  Thanks you two, it was life changing

Andrew and Stef

Stacy, Age 44, Mother Of 6

I am from France and I always wanted to switch my diet and eat raw vegan.  I found the Refresh online and it was perfect.  It had everything I needed to finish one week of eating raw vegan.  I was pleased to see that I looked better and slept better after the 7 days…

Stacy Attaway

Susan, Age 52, High School Teacher

I loved the Refresh.  It’s has definitely changed my life for the better.  I had no idea how bogged down I was.  I was getting sick more and more frequently.   I finished the Refresh a month ago and I have been sick free and I feel so much light physically and emotionally.  The recipes were amazing, I still make some.  Thanks, Tyson & Sara

Susan Byers






Special Offer





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