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Jodi Burke

Jodi Burke

I am Jodi Burke – but I am much more than just a name. I am a health advocate, recipe creator, entrepreneur, amateur photographer, author, dreamer, freedom seeker, a mother and a lover of life. No one’s life is really straightforward, and my journey to pursuing health and a full happy life is no different.

I have lived across Canada, from Southern Ontario where I grew up, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Banff, Alberta, to Vancouver, British Columbia – and a few other places in between! But as well as physical travel, my life has been an emotional and mental journey as well. I discovered early on that I had a natural love for preparing good whole food/real food for people. I experienced life in creating healthy dishes that nourished the body and environments that nourished the soul.

I also love photography and have spent many years of my life expressing myself through a camera. I’ve been hooked on photography since my 11th or 12th birthday when I received my first camera from my grandparents – a pocket size 110 film camera (yes I am dating myself!)! I loved taking my camera everywhere – even to college where I studied photography. But life changes in moments, and so does the shutter of my camera. Capture a moment perfectly and you’ve captured an image of beauty. Miss the moment, and it falls away – the whole picture is changed.

Somewhere along the way, life became overwhelming and I put my camera down. I stopped capturing life through the eye of my lens, and started to lose myself to unhealthy patterns, beginning a cycle of disordered eating and suffering from anorexia and bulimia. A number of years later, I was a single mum struggling with a recurring eating disorder. Life changed again in another moment, when I knew it was time to break free – mentally and emotionally – from my unhealthy co-dependency on food.

I became a Raw Foods Chef and took courses on holistic nutrition. I also did a personal journey where my emotional blocks began to be released and I found things that nurtured me and fed my soul. I learned to love me. When I began including super foods, I felt the best I ever had and knew it was part of my mission to help others do the same. We can heal physically, mentally and emotionally! And then I slowly started picking up my camera again. I discovered the gift of being present in the moment and the joy of capturing the experience – whatever and where ever that may be! It was about creating, unveiling the creativity within from a place of truly being myself – healthy, nourished, real. Today is the day we have right now – embrace it or you’ll miss it. It’s all about how you view the journey and yourself!!


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