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Boost Your Mood With Raw Food

While there are so many ways to boost your mood like spending time with friends or getting in a good workout at the gym – there’s another option you may have never considered, or thought of considering this spring. One can’t go wrong with the rainbow of raw choices out there.

In this new issue, we’d be talking about the benefits of raw foods in aging gracefully, looking younger and living a healthier, happier life. Rather than trying to change your diet all at once, start with food categories, and work with them, one food group at a time (e.g., fruits/vegetables, grains), until you have consciously changed your dietary habits. What better way to enjoy this lifestyle but with your ever supportive life partner! 😉  Prepare raw vegan meals together. Spring allergy? No problem! Avoid stress and incorporate a healthier lifestyle. If you need some time away from the city, you can still enjoy vegan meals in this list of the best raw vegan destinations this year. Be inspired by these fresh new recipes. Enjoy your life and practice self-compassion. Do your best and be mindful. Keep your long-term goals in view and believe that you will reach them. May this issue help you become the best and happiest version of yourself.

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The official Raw Food Magazine sneak peak in bullet points:

  • Brussels’ Innovative Way of Spreading The Vegan Message
  • Millions of tons of plastic waste could be turned into clean fuels, other products
  • Boost Your Mood and Look Younger With the Help of a Cocoa Facial this Easter
  • Can’t concentrate? Here are 5 fruits and vegetables to help you focus
  • Pros And Cons of Water Fasting
  • Sugar Is Just As Bad For Your Skin As It Is For Your Waistline
  • Lymphatic Detox and Better health by Fabianna Marie
  • And so much more!

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