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Easy Summer Treats & Grab ‘n Go Snacks Issue

Celebrate Summer With Raw Food Magazine!

Summertime is the BEST time to adopt new habits and eat more raw foods.


With longer days, more sunshine and the abundance of farm fresh fruits and veggies, this is the easiest time of year to change your eating and lock in healthy patterns for the rest of your year.

Plus, there’s nice cream.

When Raw Food Magazine’s co-founder, Sara Grove, first tasted raw vegan ice cream (or “nice cream”) she didn’t even know raw vegan was a thing. It was a brain zap of yum and she never looked back.

While testing and choosing recipes for the new summer issue, we picked possibly the most satisfying and delightful raw recipes ever.

We want your summer to be so indescribably yummy that healthy eating feels like a privilege (and it is!).

With our favorite burgers, sides, and mocktails, this issue equips you with easy recipes to whip up for the pool, a weekend trip, vacation or just a neighborhood barbecue.  We even added 5 simple and creative finger foods perfect for parties and potlucks (plus, they’re popular with the kids).

Then, we brainstormed some of our biggest nuisances around healthy habits and summer traveling to make sure this issue gets practical for you.

Check out the DIY raw travel snacks if you’ve got a trip coming up. If you need help staying hydrated in the warmer weather, check out the fun ways to sneak more H2O into your days.

Everyone can benefit from the easy but essential step to healthy glowing skin (it’s so simple!). Oh yeah, and I almost forgot! For anyone (like me) who missed spring planting season, we added instructions for super quick-growing (and delicious) edible plants so you, too, can grow your own.

Our special interview guest for this issue, runner and yogi Julia Hanlon, shares her tips for a happy healthy life from her experiences teaching, training and interviewing over 200 holistic health experts. Don’t forget to listen in!

Packed with sunshine, take a glimpse at some of this issue’s highlights below:

  • The BEST Raw Vegan Ice Cream Recipes
  • Easy Grab N’ Go Travel Snack Bags
  • Crowd-Pleasing Grill Out Recipes
  • Cool Healthy Mocktails
  • Fun Summer Finger Foods
  • Dance Yourself Slim This Summer
  • The Secret To Smooth Glowing Skin
  • How To Lose Weight With Plant Proteins
  • Your Complete Checklist To Throwing A Raw Cookout
  • Gorgeous Edible Quick-Growing Plants
  • And much more to kick-off your happy, healthy summer!

It may take you several afternoons with your magazine, perhaps swaying in a hammock in the backyard, to enjoy all this issue has to offer. So go ahead, get your new issue, whip up a tasty raw mocktail recipe and find a shady spot to read 🙂

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