How can I view it on my tablet?

Raw Food Magazine is on most of the major digital newsstands, but, as you probably know, the tablet companies don’t like to play nice with each other.  The good news is, there are great free PDF readers available so you do NOT need to access Raw Food Magazine via the newsstands unless you prefer to. If you would like to read the magazine on your tablet, there are great free PDF readers for your tablet:   

If you find another great PDF reader app that you use to view Raw Food Magazine, please send us a heads up and we will add it to our list.

Is the magazine in print?

Our magazine is only available online and through digital platforms. With the growth of internet access and the wide variety of digital readers now available, we have decided to move away from printing our magazine on paper.  This allows us to use our resources to focus on more quality issues.  Plus, we’d prefer to read Raw Food Magazine beneath a shady tree than printed on one. We hope you understand.

How many issues a year?

We produce issues on a bi-monthly basis and we give bonus issue gifts to subscribers.

How do I change my password?

In the top right bar you will see an member icon, scroll over that icon and click “My Profile”.  You will see the option to change your password on that page.


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