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Get Light & Bright Garden Fresh Issue!


It’s time…

to meet your best self!

Spring is the season of re-birth. It is a time to blossom, to shed the blocks and burdens holding you back from radiating your true, beautiful essential self.

Maybe you want to release extra weight or negative thought patterns. Maybe you want to kick emotional eating habits to the curb and embrace better ways to snack and satisfy your sweet tooth.

At the Raw Food Magazine headquarters, we believe everyone deserves to feel healthy, happy and whole. We designed this new issue to help you do just that.

The new raw food recipes packed into this issue will dazzle your taste buds, rev up your energy and help support your weight loss goals (without ever feeling deprived). With smoothies, salads, snacks and the best slimming sweet treats around, you will have plenty of new recipes to try for yourself and to share with friends!

We also included healthy face masks for every skin type (my personal favorites that leave my face feeling absolutely glorious), a beginner’s guide to essential oils, and dozens of ideas to de-clutter your mind, body and home this season.

Add to that one of my favorite interviews to date–a charming conversation with nutrition, fitness and health coach Laura Bocianski who shares the stunning story of the life lessons learned during her long recovery from a traumatic brain injury. Laura’s bright spirit and sense of possibility is certain to leave you invigorated and inspired!

If you feel like life is speeding up around you and you are getting swept along in the current, use this issue to help yourself ground down, let go of the unnecessary foods and fill your days up with lightness and life. You deserve it.

Take a peek at all the goodies bursting inside the new issue:

  • Yummy Flat-Belly Foods
  • Beginner’s Guide to Essential Oils
  • Easy Organization Tricks For a Clutter-Free Life
  • Slim Down And Rev Up With Tasty Fresh Recipes
  • The Season’s Best Juices And Smoothies
  • Strange Raw Foods Eaten Around The World
  • Light Spring Sweets!
  • Glowing Skin Face Masks For Every Skin Type
  • How A Chef Sobered Up With Raw Gelato
  • Follow This Country’s Diet For Longevity
  • The Garden Herb That Can Radically Change Your Health
  • Instant Gratification Plants For Impatient Gardener’s
  • And much more to lighten and brighten your life!

Are you ready to embrace a slimmer, more energetic and happier you? We want to support you!

Click the green button below to get instant digital access to the brand new issue that’s all about being the best version of YOU.

Get This Raw Food Magazine Issue!

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