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Healthy Halloween Preparations

As Halloween creeps up on us, children and adults alike are preparing for a night of spooky fun. When your diet does not include animal products, making vegan Halloween dishes is probably on your list of things to do this fall.

To include in your preparation, we’ve included tips on how to stay vegan this Halloween season – with recipes from pastas, soups, breads and of course, sweet treats to making sure that you’re using cruelty-free vegan make-up to match your theme!

What is Halloween without scary movies being shown on TV? You might want to think twice about letting the younger ones watch alone. Find out why from this issue.

Still haven’t figured out what costume to wear this halloween? Here are some ideas to bring out the animal-lover in you.

If everything mentioned above is still not enough for you to click the subscribe button, we have two beautiful female raw vegan chefs to inspire you in continuing or even starting your raw food journey.

May this issue help you become the best and happiest version of yourself.

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The official Raw Food Magazine sneak peek in bullet points:

  • Can A Raw Vegan Lifestyle Help Stop The Clock? 
  • How to stay vegan this halloween
  • 5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Animal Lovers
  • Your Vegan Halloween Make Up Kit
  • Beauty is Vegan: Emma Watson on promoting vegan lifestyle
  • Diet change needed to save vast areas of tropics
  • Gardening Chores and Tips for September
  • Cara Brotman Is Your Best Self
  • And so much more!

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