New Issue - Make Ahead Meal & Naturally Calming Anxiety

Make-Ahead Meals & Naturally Calming Anxiety Issue!

Raw Food Magazine Issue 19This season brings out a whole new side of Raw Food Magazine.

Many of us are transitioning back into our work and school routines, but with a stronger desire to live with health and balance.  If that sounds like you, then this issue perfect for you.

Great news!  Holistic health and using raw food as medicine is starting to catch on across the globe.  But, it seems that society’s pace is moving faster than ever, too.  The current estimate is that the average first-world adult spends a whopping 30 minutes preparing AND eating meals in an entire day.  30 minutes!

With these almost opposing desires – healthy living and saving time – we put our efforts towards offering quick ways to stay healthy every single day: 1 Week Of Lunches In Under 20 Minutes, Easy & Tasty Make-Ahead Meals, Simple Foods To Keep You Focused & Energized and amazing raw food recipes galore.

On another note, Stress is not a stranger to us this time of year (even though we wish we weren’t acquainted).  Changes in life, weather, routines and increasing obligations can start to bring on the overwhelm.  In researching this issue, we discovered some amazing and simple tricks to calming your daily and weekly anxiety, totally naturally and drug-free.  We also wanted to share some peculiar discoveries about happiness that you can use to boost your daily happiness.

We invited a very special featured speaker this issue to address a growing problem for our children–ADHD.  ADHD has increased by 42% in the past 8 years with children as young as 3-years-old being prescribed powerful synthetic medications.  Now is the time to get a better understanding of this issue and the natural options available to everyone, young and old, who struggle with behavioral disorders.  You get to listen to a live interview with Deborah Merlin, Author of Victory Over ADHD, covering how she naturally treated her children with ADHD and Autism, completely healing their multitude of symptoms.  Whether you, your children, or people you know are struggling with ADHD or other behavioral disorders, you will love the information Deborah has to share!

Want more? Here’s a quick peek of some more topics in this new issue:

  • 1 Week Of Lunches in 20 Minutes or Less
  • Calming Anxiety With One Easy Trick
  • Treating Kids With ADHD with Deborah Merlin
  • 3 Shocking Ways To Boost Your Happiness
  • Avoid These 10 Everyday Things That Age You
  • Best Foods To Stay Focused & Energized
  • How To Use Your Breath To Heal
  • 7 Ways To Enjoy This Fall’s Superfruit
  • Garden Guide: Picking & Storing Your Fruits and Veggies
  • Delicious Salad Dressings Made Easy
  • Simple Foods That Burn Fat & Boost Energy
  • On-The-Go Filling Salads
  • 5 Healthy Ways To Enjoy Desserts… For Breakfast
  • And much, much more…

We hope you find happiness in your week and random moments of adventure with loved ones.

– Tyson Hale, Co-founder

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