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Mindful Parenting: Raw Foods

Mindful parenting does not mean being a “perfect parent” and is not something you can fail at. It is not easy and it takes practice. In this issue, you’ll learn more about the difference between being mindful and mindful parenting.

To include in your preparation, if you are expecting, we have tips on how to celebrate a Raw Vegan Baby Shower.

When it comes to food, did you know that family discussions about food that kids hear while growing up can affect their feelings about their bodies in adulthood? Here are the right ways you can talk to your kids about food to promote a healthy body image.

We love moms! So if you are a mom, expecting or raising your little ones, keep on reading, because we have tips on how you can stay beautiful and glowing while making sure you got everything your baby needs too!

Avoid stress and incorporate a healthier lifestyle. 

Be inspired by Mimi Kirk, defy aging, feel young and learn more about how she found the sunshine of glorious health in delicious raw plant-based living. 

May this issue help you become the best and happiest version of yourself.

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The official Raw Food Magazine sneak peek in bullet points:

  • 10 Top Cruelty Brands We Love for New Moms
  • Raw Vegan Baby Shower Preparations
  • Baby food recipes
  • Celebration Cakes
  • Forgotten fathers: New dads also at risk for postpartum depression
  • Veggies: What to plant in July
  • Mimi Kirk: Raw, Vegan, and Thriving at 80 
  • And so much more!

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2 years ago

Looking for a recipe… salad that has cucumber, green apple, and avocado

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