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Buddha Bowls, Autumn Ice Cream and Fall Recipes

What’s for dinner?

As your life speeds up this season, don’t let a full calendar mean an empty fridge.

Whether you’re a dedicated meal planner or a free-spirited intuitive eater (we cover both sides of this debate inside), we’ve got your autumn evenings covered with easy make-ahead meals, snacks and fall-inspired ice cream for a healthy late night treat!

From simple soups, easy superfood swaps, and beginner-friendly dehydrator recipes (with oven option, too!) it’s time to enjoy the flavors of fall.

An exclusive interview with 10+ year cancer fighter and breast cancer champion, Fabianna Marie, packs enough inspiration to last you til Christmas. And, Jason Mraz even shares why he thinks raw food helped land him a grammy.

Plus, we added our favorite low-sugar smoothie recipes and our top 5 essential oil secrets for those of you running on fumes who are ready to slow down and go back to basics.

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Dinnertime, solved.

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The official Raw Food Magazine sneak peak in bullet points:

  • Autumn Ice Cream! Fresh flavors for fall for a delicious, nutritious treat
  • Beginner Dehydrator Recipes (no dehydrator needed)
  • The 5 Essential Oils You Need To Be Using For a Calm, Anxiety-Free Life!
  • DIY Eye Creams for bright, beautiful, wrinkle-free eyes
  • Why Jason Mraz Says Raw Food Helped Him Win a Grammy
  • Master Your Microgreens
  • Low-Sugar Smoothies For A Back To Basics Glow
  • Superfood Switches: Yummy, Budget-friendly alternatives to exotic ingredients
  • Design Your Own Macro Bowl: Easy Meals For Your Busy Life
  • N0-Stress Soup Recipes – Just Blend And Sip
  • Exclusive Interview: How One Woman Makes Fighting Cancer Look Fabulous and what you can learn from her to make everyday easier and more joyful
  • Our Favorite Non-Dairy Milks To Use Everyday
  • Beat the frost: the best plants to keep growing indoors all winter
  • Parfaits, Crackers, Wraps galore
  • And so much more 🙂

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