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One Bowl Meals & Raw Food Cleanse Issue

fresh-raw-food-recipesYES!! The seasons are changing and with that comes new opportunities to smile, laugh, cry, cartwheel, try something new and step into a healthier and happier you.

In this issue we want to support you to do just that.  For some, a new season might ignite a desire to reset and clean inside and outside.  This may be a time for revisiting sides of us we love, or it might be a time to discover an entirely new part of ourselves.

You might find this interesting, when we first talked about what we wanted to have in this issue, we started off a bit differently.  Basically, we gathered around and agreed to create a safe and nonjudgmental space where we could all just blurt out whatever we wanted for ourselves this coming season.

It started off a little reserved.  But, before we knew it, the honesty started to flow and so did the laughter.  At one point, someone (we won’t name names) confidently announced: “I want my midnight munchies!” and from there it only became more hilarious.  This issue sprang from your feedback to us, your questions and struggles, and also from that meeting — our own very earnest desires for the coming season.

Below are some of the desires we blurted out (yes, including yummy midnight munchies that are healthy, too!) and some from those of you who took the survey in the last magazine issue.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside:

  • 35+ Fresh Raw Food Recipes
  • Simple, Easy & Filling One Bowl Meals
  • The New Science Of HAPPINESS:)
  • Classic Raw Food Staples
  • 7 Ancient Beauty Secrets
  • Fool-Proof System To Creating An Exercise Habit
  • Beginner’s Guide To Cleansing… with Detox Expert Adam Graham
  • 6 Common Household Cancer-Causing Items
  • Are You Getting Enough Vitamin B12?
  • The First Raw Cheese
  • Detoxifying Desserts
  • Delicious Kid-Freindly Recipes
  • 7 Hot Breakfasts
  • Midnight Munchies? Here’s some raw, healthy, indulgent alternatives
  • How To Explain Raw Food To Your Friends And Family
  • Ultimate Beginners’s Guide To Composting
  • And much, much more…

Have an amazing spring!  If you decide to dive into a cleanse, let us know how it goes 😉

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Jenny Nielson
Jenny Nielson
5 years ago

Love this issue, exactly what I needed to read this spring. I was thinking of doing a cleanse and the guide to raw food cleansing with Adam was perfect.

Who are your writers? Every issue has such great topics and they are so fun to read.

p.s. I like the purple cover.

Tina Ehrenfried
Tina Ehrenfried
5 years ago

I truly wish you would reconsider a print magazine! My I phone is too small and I can not afford a tablet/computer! Do you know any raw magazines in print?

Raw Food Magazine
5 years ago

Hi Tina,

Having the magazine in print is something we have recently been considering because of so many requests. As for another raw magazine in print, we really don’t know of any that are strictly raw.

I’ll send you heads up if we end up moving towards a print option and/or if I find any raw magazine in print.


5 years ago

I wholeheartedly second the request for a printed magazine. For me, it could mean the difference between making raw food a practice versus a part-time hobby. Thank-you very much for contributing to greater well-being for many!

Sandra Balcomb
Sandra Balcomb
5 years ago

Tina and Martha are absolutely spot on with their comments for a printed magazine. Find a publisher and make it happen. Take the leap! We need you !

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