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Holiday Recipes & Favorite Cookies Issue

No matter what holiday you celebrate or what time of the year it is, you’re likely start to crave familiar foods, cookies, flavors and scents that bring warm memories from your past.  We wanted this issue to be a helpful guide to making your table a meeting ground, with home cooked meals that will bring the family, friends and loved ones together.

What’s a get together with out delicious cookies and these raw cookies are better, tastier and way healthier then cooked cookies.  These cookies will bring a smile to your face any time of the year and any time of the day. Enjoy:)

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Quick Dinners & Saving Time Issue

Ready to save time in the kitchen!

With your daily routines kicking back in this season, we’ve tried to making this issue speak to you.  You’re about to get a bunch of great ideas to make your raw food lifestyle easier.  We’ll also jump into some interesting raw food topics that we’re sure are going to fascinate you.

We have a lot inside for you, enjoy and let us know which quick dinner is your favorite.

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raw food magazine summer issue 12

Treats and Travel Issue

It’s time to enjoy your favorite tasty cool treats without all the negative effects.

Besides sharing with our top 30 easy raw food recipes, we also covered some of the biggest health topics in or lives and that our community is facing. Our goal was to make sure you can get access to quick and easy tips and recipes along with informing on new and important health food topics.

We hope you enjoy it and feel free to take the survey inside so we can make an even better issue next time. To your wonderful, healthy, fit and happy month:)

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Start Fresh And Slim Down Issue

We’ve pack this issue with everything you need to shift into a lighter and healthier you.  

From simple & delicious raw food recipes to cleansing your body from the inside out. We also really wanted to hit at the root of some of our health problems and cover some major food myths and every day-to-day struggles with food and health. 

We’ve also made a garden guide, FIT in minutes program, low fat desserts, how to stop feeling hungry, food myth debunked and more…

To your wonderful, healthy, fit and happy you:)

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raw food magazine with raw food recipes

Recipes From Around The World Issue

Yes, spring has finally come and for those on the other side of the equator we hope you are moving into a wonderful fall.  What ever the case, it’s time to get ready for the new season!

Keep your meal interesting is crucial so we went out and gathered top raw food recipes from around the world.  We also discovered some of the worlds healthiest travel destinations.  If you are looking for new recipe ideas.  Oh and don’t forget our “Homemade Inexpensive probiotics” sections, I’m sure what we talk about in this topic is going to shock you. Enjoy!

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raw food magazine - raw food recipes and meal plan

Quick & Easy Recipes Issue

Welcome to a healthy, vibrant and happy you. We’re about to dive into the best raw food recipes, made with in minutes.  We’ll also cover the truth about sugar and the world best sweeteners.  Being an issue for jump starting your health, we also cover topics on “how to better your posture” and “get the best sleep in your life.”

There’s also a complete 7 Day Meal Plan and an inspiration interview with René Oswald, founder of “Transitioning to Living Cuisine Program,” and she’ll be leading the Beginners Guide to going raw and how to move through the challenges we experience when trying to maintain a raw lifestyle.  Enjoy:)

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Comfort Foods & Stress Free Holiday Issue

No need to ever worry about not having delicous comfort foods that are raw for the holidays.  We’ve packed this issue with the top favorite comfort foods made raw.  This way you can indulge into the holidays with out having the negative effects from eating junk food.

The other negative side of the holidays is the overload of stress.  Because of this we pinned down the best selling author Dr. Rick Hanson to cover “How to have a stress free holiday season”.

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Raising Healthy Happy Kids Issue

This issue has some of our favorite fall recipes to make this season festive, delicious and healthy in your home!

Packed with mouth-watering Halloween candy recipes, seasonal eating advice and an exclusive interview with Veggie Kids founder Sarah Creighton.

Most importantly we wanted to show you Guilt Free Halloween candy recipes and give you a crucial guide on how to move through this season and all the holidays in a healthly and stress free way. Enjoy:)

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raw food magazine - Tim Vanorden

Raw Fitness and Race Training Issue

Ever wonder how you can maintain a raw lifestyle while being active? You are about to discover how Tim Vanorden as been able to live raw while winning marathon and ultra marathon races.  What to eat pre-during-post your work out, how to prepare mentally for races,  studies about protein and hydration and how he was able to overcome depression.

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Uncookout Guide & Best Burgers Issue

This issue is all about meeting up with family and friends to enjoy each other and great food. What better way then to offer your raw burgers that are better then meat burgers.  Making sure you have the greatest uncookout ever is one of our main goals but that’s not all that’s inside this content packed issue.

We’ve also covered in-depth one of the bigger issue with eating raw and that is eating raw while traveling.  You’re about to get the best system to making traveling and eating raw simple and easy.

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raw food magazine may june issue

Raw Food Diet & Burn More Fat Issue

This issue we dive into some great ways to lose weight the healthy way. We also cover 25 tasty raw food snacks so you can enjoy eating raw food on the go.  Also inside this issue we were able to get Pam Boteler to reveal how she been able to eat raw and win world championship sprint canoe competitions. This issue will be a great way to jump into living more vibrant, fit and raw.  Don’t forget to check out all the new recipes in the back.

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Curing From Cancer Issue

We are excited to release this new issue. For this issue we add some special pages, such as… “Who’s Juicing”,  “How a mother of 4 cured her stage for cancer on a raw food diet”, “10 great recipes under 10 minutes” and more.    We also have some great articles and videos on how to slim-up your tummy, start your own little herb garden in your kitchen window and new raw food research round-up. We had a great time making this issue for you, enjoy the new recipes:)

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Beginner’s Guide & Grocery List Issue

Get ready for the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to going raw.  This issue has everything you would need to successfully go raw from how to start to what to buy at the grocery store.  You’ll be able to easily move through the challenges when going raw.

We also wanted to reveal the truth about food addictions and what these massive food companies don’t want you to know.  This will help motivate you in your raw food journey and being more conscious about what food will bring health and happiness into your life.

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