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Raw Fitness With Tim Vanorden

raw food magazine - Tim Vanorden

Do you want to have be active while maintaining a raw lifestyle?

Do you have a race coming up and you want to do it raw?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above then check out our bonus fitness issue with Tim Vanorden.

For the past two years Tim Vanorden has received  the award for USA Masters Mountain Runner of the Year.  If you look at his race results you’ll see phenomenal race results.  The part that has shocked the race community is that he has defied the misconceptions about food and energy by maintaining a fully raw lifestyle during all his success.

The bonus fitness issue covers 3 crucial topics:

1. The How To’s – You’ll discover how to train, what to eat pre, during and post races,

2. Research –  New studies reveling the impact of food and fitness, protein, fiber and how it should play a role in your diet.

3. Tim’s Story – It wasn’t easy for Tim to go raw but it was his last resort.  He covers how going raw helped him face food addiction and depression to becoming a more clear minded positive individual.

If you want to jump into the fitness issue, just click the button below and check it out.

Click Here To Check Out The BONUS Fitness Issue


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