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Refresh Entrance Successful

Order Successful

Welcome!  Your account has been created and you are already logged in. Some browsers block the automatic log-in. If that is the case, just check your email inbox and you will receive your login details shortly. We have a few important things to cover before we jump into the Refresh.


We have sent you two important emails.

  1. First email has your “Login Details”.  You should already be logged in right now, unless your browser blocked auto-logging in.  If you see your profile details below, then that means you are logged in and you can disregard that email and add your new password in below.
  2. Second email is your “Start Here” email. This email will give you all the steps you need to successfully get the most out of the Refresh and be ready in the shortest amount of time.  We strongly suggest to read that entire email before diving in.

Remember to save those emails incase you have a hard time logging in or incase your needing some quick start tips.


If you are seeing this then that mean your browser prevented you from auto logging in after purchase.  This isn't a big deal, you just need to go to your email, find the email with "login Details".

Click the button below (it will open in the new window). Once you login refresh this page and you will see an area to double check and add your shipping address.

Click Here To Login




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