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Opens May 17th at 1 p.m. PST

A huge congratulations to everyone who took this step toward becoming their happier, lighter and more energetic selves! The last Reset group is absolutely amazing.

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Welcome To The 21 Day Raw Food Reset

We’re excited that you’ve came over to this page.  This has been a long awaited course.

1 year ago we sent out a survey asking what you wanted from us and the “21 Day Raw Food Reset” won the votes by a long shoot.  From that survey result, we went full board into creating the Reset available on the web.

After months, a full test run and meetings with top raw food chefs and nutrionists we are happy to say, it’s finally here!  Everything you need to complete a delicious 21 Day Raw Food Reset.  The entire Reset is mobile, desktop and printer friendly, it’s made to fit your lifestyle.

The brand new, 2016 21-Day Raw Food Reset opened is opening up with May 17th at 1 p.m. PST.


  • You want to LOSE WEIGHT the healthy way.  The Reset is about enjoying the experience and keeping the weight off.  This is not about deprivation because the Reset is about eating living foods, which gives you the fiber and water to fill you up and help you burn fat.
  • You want more ENERGY.  Every single person who we talked to during the reset stated they felt 2 to 3 times more energy during the day.  It was very shocking to some participants because they thought they had to have coffee to be that energized.  When your eating clean and living, your body runs great… it’s that
  • You want to RESET your body and give yourself a FRESH START.  This is one main reasons we created the Reset.  Research is showing over and over that our bodies are overloaded with toxins from our modern diet.  This leads to feeling sluggish, unhappy, tired which leads to health complications.  The Reset will help you restore your body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  • You want better SLEEP the natural way.  Everyone who finished the Reset stated they woke up feeling well reseted, alive and energized then they ever have. Why? because of the fact that you’re eating living foods you body doesn’t have to be cleaning out the junk every night which means you’ll get great sleep.
  • You want NEW MEAL IDEAS.  Get ready to have a whole new lineup of amazing, healthy and delicious recipes.  You’ll able to save your favorite quick snacks, easy weeknight dinners and decadent desserts that taste incredible.

Enjoy satisfying and simple dinners like this classic pesto pasta


Is it breakfast? A snack? Or the best dessert you’ve ever eaten? Believe it or not, this Raw Cookie Dough Shake is apart of the reset and it’s good for.

This was definitely a team effort.  By the time it was finished we met with a panel of nutritionists, worked with detox expert Adam Graham, and a shining group of participants went through the entire cleanse this fall to make sure it was nothing less then superb.

Now, we are finally ready to bring you 21 days full of super simple, ridiculously delicious, and totally satisfying raw food meals to reset your system for 2016.

We decided to call it a Reset (not a cleanse or detox) because there is no deprivation here!  This is not about restriction.

The 21-Day Raw Food Reset is about using the healthiest foods on the planet in mind-blowinginly delicious ways to restore your body and mind to their peak functioning.  It’s a total-body Reset at the cellular level, to wipe the slate clean and shift your life in a positive direction.

The Raw Food Reset contains 21 days of delicious meals and loving support to kick the junk out of your system and leave you feeling light, clear, energized and uplifted. If you are ready to make some positive changes in your life, this Raw Food Reset might be just what you need to get started.

The 21 Day Raw Food Reset opens for registration on May 17th.  We are only opening a limited number of spots so we can offer the best possible support to participants when they join.

Opens May 17th at 1 p.m. PST

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At the top you will see tab, go ahead and click on them to see the Success Stories and Reserve Your Spot.  If you have an further questions, feel free to contact us by click on the “FAQ/Contact Us” tab.

Tyson HaleSara-Grove-Raw-Food-Magzine-Co-founderThanks for giving yourself this opportunity.  It’s not as hard as you’d think and everyone who finished was beyond happy they made the decision to give themselves this Reset.

Feel free to shoot us a message anytime, the contact form on this page reaches us personally.  We would love to talk with you and learn more about how we can help you.

Make sure you enter your email, mark your calendar get ready to Reset!

Have healthy and happy day,
Sara, Tyson, Neb, Natasha, Maegan, Devon, Khanh and
Cooper, our fully-raw office Dachshund

Success Stories From The 21 Day Reset

Here are some of the success stories form participants that finished the Reset.  It’s been such a joy for us to get these and see the positive impact it’s having on others lives.

Below, participants share their experience of the Raw Food Reset. 

Mary, Age 36, School Teacher

I did the 21-Day Raw Food Reset in October as part of the beta program. I was so excited to be involved, but also had some doubts. I live in a small town, and don’t have access to fancy groceries and “superfoods.” It’s not like I have a Whole Foods around the corner. But, once I started looking at the weekly shopping lists and bulk items (so you can buy them all once for a deal and use for the entire program), I realized I could get almost everything from my local grocery store.
Overall, this was definitely the best food or health program I have ever done. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a diet or weight loss program. It’s more like a food and health discovery adventure. It was so fun trying all the different foods. I lost 9 pounds during the 21 Days and 7 more pounds since then. I expected weight to come back when I started with cooked foods again afterwards, but the “Life After Reset” section helped a lot. I feel like I understand my body and my health more. It really does feel like I hit a “Reset” button for my body, and kind of my whole life! So happy I did this.

Mary R.

Patricia, Age 42, Nurse Practitioner

I’ve never really paid for an organized cleanse or meal program before. Normally, I eat pretty healthy and manage myself well. But, I felt like I was in a rut in my life. I struggled to get through the day and wrestled with bouts of depression.

My first impression of the Raw Food Reset program was how organized and simple the layout was. It was easy to find exactly what I needed. The Beginner’s Guide was a big help, because I actually realized there were easy things I could be doing at home to make things so much easier on myself.

My favorite part was the recipes. I loved and looked forward to each meal. Now, a few months after finishing the reset, I still eat a lot of the same breakfasts, snacks and meals. They are just so easy and good!

By far the best thing I got from the reset was how it impacted me emotionally. I feel… revived. Renewed. I no longer wake up with a sense of dread. I look forward to my life and just feel happier in general. Its hard for me to explain. But, my friends and family have noticed a big difference. They can tell my energy is just better and lighter. I feel more joyful inside and out. I am so grateful for this experience and the gift it has been for my life.

Patricia M.

John, Sue & Happy the dog, Retired

I was really nervous to eat completely raw for 3 whole weeks, even though I do eat salads and love smoothies.  I guess, I had really wrong expectations. I thought I would be constantly hungry and have to force myself to eat meals that didn’t taste good “because it’s good for me.” But, I was so wrong.

Halfway through I totally forgot about wanting to lose 10 lbs which was my original goal because I was enjoying the food and how I felt so much. I did end up losing the weight, 12 pounds actually, but it felt like a bonus.

I asked my husband if he wanted to do the Reset with me and he was not interested to say the least. But, after a few days I started doubling the recipes because I would catch him in the fridge stealing my snacks! I guess he didn’t know raw food could be so good either.  Thanks for everything.  We are already planning on revisiting this and doing a Reset together every year.  Blessings from California!

Sue, John and Happy the dog

Carol, Age 38, Corporate Attorney & Mom

I have a demanding work schedule and kids for that matter, though they are mostly grown. I have tried so many health programs, even other raw programs–juice cleanses, detox diets, the Master Cleanse–but they never seem to work with my lifestyle. Either I’m so hungry it’s hard for me to stay focused, or there is so much prep that I just don’t have the time.

The Reset was different. There were some days I didn’t even eat the snacks because the meals were so filling, which is crazy for me because I always eat snacks. The organization was seamless and puts all your food prep and shopping for the week on two main days. I loved how I could prepare meals in advance so there were always meals and snacks ready when I got hungry.

The organization just made sense to me and they really worked hard to make it convenient. So, instead of having to rearrange my whole life to make this work, the Reset totally worked for me. Doesn’t hurt that my boss noticed my energy levels were up at work, and now I don’t crash onto the couch when I get home to my family either, we actually go places and play games together again. The energy you get from eating this way is insane. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Carol R.

Michael, Age 27, Medical Student

The Raw Food Reset is an exceptional program.

In 21 days I was able to lose 14 pounds. I aways had enough to eat, made plenty of extra snacks, and it was easy to take food on the go.  I’m  not much of a cook, so if the recipes were easy enough for me, they are easy enough for anyone.

I went into the Reset wanting to lose some weight, be able to focus and sleep better, and have energy throughout the day without needing my normal caffeine fix.

I am extremely happy with my results and have continued to eat raw food until dinner in the months since the reset. Well organized, easy to follow, and delivers as promised.

Michael R.

Linda, Age 76, Psychologist

I’m 76 and have been struggling with chronic pain for several years now. I decided to try the 21-Day Raw Food Reset because I had been learning a lot about raw food and how it can help heal so many different diseases, even chronic conditions sometimes.

Anyway, it was way easier and more delicious than I thought raw food could ever be. But, the best part is, I am in way less pain. I am finally exercising again, taking daily walks and loving how great my body feels. I don’t know if I ever felt this good, even in my twenties. My doctor noticed an improvement as soon as I walked into her office.

My blood pressure is way down to normal levels for the first time in ten years, and she thinks my mobility and pain reduction is related to how much the inflammation in my body is reduced. I do feel lighter, less bloated and just generally happier in a way I can’t really explain, like this foggy feeling is gone. It’s wonderful.  Many thanks!

Linda M.

Michelle, Age 25, Wellness Coach

I love this Reset!!!!!

My brother did it with me and both of us have done a life-180. The recipes are fantastic, support is so wonderful and I’ve seriously never felt better.

I am actually a morning person for the first time ever. I used to make fun of people who were so peppy and could just hop out of bed in the morning energized and ready to go. But, now that’s me!

Michelle H.

William, Age 45, Accountant

The Raw Food Reset program is brilliant. I followed a vegan diet for quite some time, but never seemed able to lose the last bit of weight. Raw food sounded quite hideous to me actually, but I’ve tried some recipes from the website from time to time and always been impressed.

After 21 days of eating the raw food reset food, I lost more weight than I even expected and now recover faster from my runs. I also impressed my lady friend with one of the raw desserts.

Honestly, I didn’t know a person could feel this good, this often. I will never look at food the same again. Cheers.

William P.

Sandra, Age 52, Artist

I have tried so many other cleanses, detoxes and diet programs but always ended up getting so hungry and giving up. I deal with a lot of food cravings, emotional eating and just have a hard time sticking to any program.

I am thrilled to say the 21-Day Raw Food Reset is the first program I have actually finished! I feel really amazing and am so proud of myself, but to be honest it was pretty easy. I still thought about food all the time, but only because I was so excited to see what my next meal or snack would taste like.

While a balance of raw and cooked foods suits me better for the long-term, some of the recipes and habits from this reset I now do everyday and most of my cravings for unhealthy food are completely gone. When I do crave something, I now know easy healthy things to make to satisfy myself. I can’t thank Sara and Tyson enough for putting this together.

Sandra G.


Opens May 17th at 1 p.m. PST

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Have a question? See if we cover it below.  If you don’t find your questions, show us a message below.  We’d be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you might have.

Will a qualified person be available to answer questions and help me during the Reset?

Yes!  You’re never alone during the Reset.  We will be ready to answer any questions you might have at any time.  We have Qualified Reset Coaches that are ready to be available.  You will also get access to our private Reset community and Facebook group.  It’s truly inspiring to see the support and help from everyone in the community.

I have a medical condition or I am taking prescription meds. Can I still do the Reset?

We recommend consulting a doctor before starting any program, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medication.  With that said, not all doctors are created equally, we suggest you find a doctor who is concerned about your well being, health and is open to  discussing your goals to ensure that the Reset is safe for you.

Will I be hungry during the Reset?

You will be full and satisfied during the reset. It’s a big myth that you will starve when you eat raw food, a least not when you do it right and that’s what we are here to show you, every step of the way.  The great news is, you don’t need to worry about overeating on the raw food diet, because fiber, nutrients, and water will fill you up.

Is the meal plan made for one person?

Yes it is. It’s made so that you can follow the steps exactly and eat exactly what is on the meal.  No need to do any math to figure out how much to eat. If a second person joins, you will need to double the recipes. It’s that simple.

What if I workout? Can I do it, if I'm training for something?

Yes! Moving during a Reset is a great way to speed up the process.  In fact, from the last Reset group we had a few write in saying they improved their mile time and actually enjoy working out in the morning instead of dreading the first 10 minutes.  We have a section inside covering how to go through the Reset when you have a weekly exercise routine and fitness goals.

Based on your situation, you may need to ease up on your usual workout and rest more, and we recommend talking to your doctor or health professional in advance depending on your health and regular exercise routine.

Can I do a Reset during pregnancy or while I'm nursing?

These aren’t ideal times to start a cleanse. We suggest sticking to a pregnancy or nursing meal plan that gives your baby everything it needs to grow strong and healthy.

What if I don't finish the Reset or I get off track?

This is an interesting topic to explore. We are conditioned to follow a do-or-die, finish-or-quit mentality, but if you step away from that mindset, you’ll look in the mirror and see an amazing person who took action towards a healthier life. Completing a week of smoothies, purchasing healthier options, or just trying one of the Reset meals is a fantastic first step. We hope you can see yourself in that light and love yourself for it.

What if I don't have someone to do the Reset with?

More then 70% of those who embark on this Reset will do so on their own, but that doesn’t mean you’re alone. We will have many ways for you to be involved in Reset Community such as our community forum, private Facebook group and at any time you can reach out for advice or support from us.  You’re always welcome to send us a message.

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Not finding the question you’re looking for OR wanting to reach out and connect with us? Great! send us a message in the form below.

This message will reach us personally or will reach our Reset Coaches.

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