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Since we only have a limited stock, we wanted to double check with you about the superfoods package before we dive into the 21-Day Reset.

Do you want us to send you the 12 Superfoods Starter Kit & Smoothie Jar Package?

These powerful ingredients will be scattered inside of your Raw Food Reset Recipes during the Reset.  We sourced high-quality organic supplies of the more expensive, specialty or hard-to-find ingredients so we can send them right to your doorstep, saving you time and money on grocery shopping.

Most of the groceries you will use for the Reset are inexpensive and easily found at a standard grocery store. But, for these certain superfoods, we found that even if you ordered them in bulk in their purest, organic form it would cost you around $156 dollars. That is not including the time spent on finding a good deal (usually in bulk) and ordering more than you really need.

We did NOT choose to include these specific superfoods based on what’s “trending.”  We picked them based on proven long-term health benefits.  These ingredients ensure you get all the essential macro- and micronutrients to keep you healthy during the Raw Food Reset.

Quick view of what we’re shipping to you:


Carob Chips


Hemp Hearts


Nutritional Yeast


Maca Powder


Dulse Flakes


Mesquite Powder


Black Salt


Pumpkin Spice


White Space

4 New Superfoods Added

You only see 8 superfoods pictured above because we just added 4 NEW SUPERFOODS to your gift package. We added them because it can be hard to get a hold of them in their organic, natural form. So, naturally, we decided to make it easier on you! The 4 new ingredients are Organic Cayenne, Organic Tumeric, Organic Pink Himalayan Salt & Organic Lucuma Powder.

You probably know some of these ingredients and some may be new to you. They are all nutritionally essential, and a few are critical for flavor, too (like the Pumpkin Spice for a secret recipe we wanted to throw in for you.)


Smoothie Jar Included

Your package also comes with a 100% glass, handled Smoothie Jar with a bit of inspiration on it.

Now you can have a daily reminder about the inspiring gift you are giving your body! This multi-purpose glass jar is perfect for smoothies, snacks, raw vegan salad dressings or for your delicious chia pudding snacks.

We have 4 mouthwatering on-the-go chia jar recipes inside and over 10 Reset-friendly smoothie recipes to fill up your new jar.

How will it be shipped?

Each Superfoods Starter Kit and Smoothie Jar Package is carefully wrapped, boxed and shipped right to your doorstep by none other than Jolene Hale, mother of one of our founders, Tyson Hale. She has wanted to be involved with the Reset since the idea was born and she loves helping others.  Healthy food, tending her organic veggie garden and hiking are her passions and she is thrilled to get your order and send everything on its way!


12 Superfoods & Smoothie Jar Care Package

This package will be shipped to your doorstep as soon as you give us the green light (aka click the green button). Our goal is to make this as simple and easy for you as possible by cutting out the hassle of searching for and sourcing special ingredients.

We also include a Superfood Information Sheet with your gift package so you can learn about each ingredient and why it’s so great for you. The package includes plenty enough of each ingredient to last the entire Reset. This saves you time visiting your health food store or ordering ingredients online. Plus, by the end you will know which foods you love and those that don’t rock your world, so you only need to buy more of your favorites.

Value 156$ – Now Only $47

Shipping is not included.  Once you click to buy, you’ll be taken to a page to pay for shipping to your region. This way we can ensure the cheapest shipping price for you.  Yes, we DO ship internationally.

Here’s how it works

Below you have the option to purchase the Starter Kit through Paypal or Credit Card.  Once you click the button and confirm we’ll get the order notification get your package ready and in the mail to your home.

purchase-starter-kitPayment Through Paypal Secure

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