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2016 Ultimate Energy & Meal Plan Issue

Raw Food Magazine Issue 21Happy New Year!

Wow, can you believe it’s already 2016?  What a year it has been!  I don’t know about you, but for me this year has been full of new challenges, unexpected changes and a whole lot of learning.

When our team first met to plan this stunning issue to kick off 2016, we were buzzing with energy, creativity and big giant goals for ourselves and all Raw Food Magazine readers.

Then we dug deep into what transformative health and true wellbeing really means.  What really sustains long-term health and happiness?

By answering these questions, we agreed on the theme of this issue: self-love and celebration (and possibly the theme of our year?).

Loving our bodies (and, yes, we do give our best weight loss tips, too), making simple recipes that make our taste buds dance, and taking time to celebrate along the way are elements of true health. 

This Ultimate Energy & Meal Plan Issue is filled with fun, actionable ideas to boost your health and happiness to a whole new level.

Nine top chefs share their favorite daily meal plans with super yummy recipes for a sustainable eating plan that you can copy.

In a candid interview, the delightful Belgian Chef and teacher, Julie Van den Kerchove, shares her raw food transformation from panic attacks and constant fatigue to the anxiety-free and inspiring woman she is today.

Cover-to-cover this issue bursts with goodness: recipes to make your belly feel good, your skin feel good, your heart feel good, and your mindset feel so, so, so good.

You can buy this issue by clicking the green button at the bottom of the page, after you get to see some of the specific articles you’ll receive below.

Cheers to gettin’ your THRIVE on in 2016!

Here’s a peek at some of the magic waiting for you inside the new issue:

  • A Complete 9 Day Raw Food Meal Plan!
  • 7 Surprising Ways To Burn Extra Fat
  • How to Set and REACH Meaningful Goals
  • Three Raw Food Staples You Should Always Have On Hand
  • Easy Ways to Keep Your Skin Glowing All Winter
  • 25 New Ways to Love, Pamper and Indulge Yourself
  • One Thing That Doubles Your Risk Of Depression If You Don’t Have It!
  • Simple Snacks For More Energy
  • Global Veggie Trends
  • How to Unlock Your Energy With Raw Foods interview with Julie Van den Kerchove
  • A Simple Mindfulness Trick to Reduce Stress
  • Using Turmeric In Your Medicine Cabinet 
  • Start a New Year’s Garden! How To Grow A Lot in A Little Space
And plenty more!


Want to get in on this goodness? Just click the pretty green button and let us help you thrive in 2016!


Get This Raw Food Magazine Issue!

Joyfully yours,
Sara Grove
Co-Founder and Spontaneous Dancer 😉


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