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Amy Lyons

Amy Lyons

I grew up eating the standard American diet, and although I was an athlete in high school I thought it was ok to eat poorly because I worked out a lot. I began to gain a bit of weight however and I decided that maybe it was time to do something about it and eat healthier. When I started college I became a vegetarian and had eliminated most refined sugars and grains from my diet. The difference was remarkable and I lost about 20 lbs. I stuck with this way of eating and it got me through competitive running in my early 20s. I was running faster than ever and I knew my healthier diet was the reason. I began to question consuming dairy and eggs however and decided to try a vegan and a high raw diet. On it I had increased energy, slept better, and my skin had never been clearer. I have eaten this way ever since, and I love the food I eat.

I have a degee in studio art with an art history minor from Bethel University, but my passion since I was about 18 has always been food. Creating food that is both delicious as well as healthy. I am always trying to learn new things about food and the process or making it. I started working at a health food store deli back in 2006 and I am still there because I enjoy the fact that I can help others eat better every day. My art degree has not gone to waste however. I used my knowledge to create my blog Fragrant Vanilla Cake and photograph my recipes. To me food is art in a way.

I started my blog Fragrant Vanilla Cake back in 2004 in order to simply share healthier dessert recipes with friends. However it soon evolved into sharing with many more people than that. I now share recipes for raw and plant based desserts as well as savory recipes and the occasional body care recipe. My mission is to help others create food in their own kitchen from my recipes that is both delicious and healthy. I try to use organic and local foods whenever possible. My recipes are also free of refined sugars and grains and most are gluten free.


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