Bethanne Wanamaker, Raw Food Chef at Raw Food Magazine Bethanne Wanamaker, Raw Food Chef at Raw Food Magazine

Bethanne Wanamaker

Bethanne Wanamaker

Bethanne Wanamaker is the founder of Edible Goddess, Creator of the Chocolate Goldies, and co-author of Superfood Beauty Elixirs. She hosts and chefs health & fitness retreats internationally that are based in her cutting edge raw superfood & herbal nutrition and mindful living approach to well-being.

Bethanne handcrafts raw, vegan, organic, wildcrafted, superfood & herbal infused holistic skin care, beauty products, fudge chocolate & chocolate bars – the most epic, holistic creations ever! She has a passion for creating and teaching others how to make chocolate superfood desserts, herbal tonics and elixirs, scrumptious raw food creations, and homemade edible skincare. is her online Etsy store where she makes her life-enhancing creations available!

Through her products, coaching, and engaging classes and events, she offers valuable insight into the connection between mindful choices and discovering and living your dharma. Bethanne’s core message is to “Live as a healthy example of what’s possible, raise your standards and refuse to compromise them, don’t settle for less, and shine a guiding light on those you love to help them eliminate needless suffering.”


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