The Best Raw Honey Choices For A Sweet Treat

The Best Raw Honey Choices For A Sweet Treat

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Many of us have friends who have urged us to try the best raw honey due to its health benefits and great taste. Maybe you’ve thought it was just another fad; however raw honey offers a variety of health benefits and is the perfect snack. Many people who use raw honey swear by it and usually live healthier lives. This article reviews the ten best raw honey products and provides detailed information on their taste and benefits.

​Comparison Table

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Product FAQ

​1. What Is the Best Raw Honey?

​The best raw honey is typically honey that is unpasteurized and uses sustainable beekeeping practices. The honey is unfiltered and offers a variety of health benefits, supporting the respiratory and digestive systems in the body. Raw honey is also perfect as a sugar substitute, and many diet trends suggest using honey instead of sugar for things like morning teas and coffees, yogurts and fruit preserves.

​2. Is All Raw Honey Organic?

Not all raw honey is treated equally. Some companies still use pesticides and other non-organic mechanisms to produce honey; however, this shouldn’t deter you, as even non-organic honey still offers some great health benefits.

​3. Are Bees Treated Humanely While Producing the Best Raw Honey?

Yes; beekeepers treat their hives humanely and keep their bees healthy. If they don’t, they won’t be making honey for long! In fact, many brands pride themselves on the health of their bees and actively care for the hives to produce the best raw honey from the healthiest bees.

​4. Can Raw Honey Boost Energy Levels?

​Raw honey provides excellent health benefits and can provide people with energy. Many athletes and nutritionists stand by raw honey and use it daily.

How We Reviewed

We reviewed the following best raw honey products on price, taste, health benefits, and sustainable practices. We feel that the products are produced by keeping the health of bees in mind while maintaining organic standards. The products we reviewed are all high quality; however, we ultimately based our review on how well the product works while still adhering to moral business practices.

​Desert Creek – Raw Honey

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Desert Creek Raw Honey is one-hundred percent American made. The brand prides itself on producing the best raw honey by processing and packaging y themselves and not resorting to outside vendors. Desert Creek Raw Honey ensures that their bees are at optimal health to produce one-hundred percent sustainable and delicious honey.

They keep the bees’ honey unprocessed and unpasteurized, making the product kosher and gluten-free. Rich with amino acids, the honey is full of enzymes and antioxidants that give the consumer a healthy and natural energy boost. This non-GMO product is delicious and perfect for any paleo diet.


  • ​Sustainable company practices
  • ​Healthy bees
  • ​Product is kosher and gluten-free


  • ​Product is expensive
  • ​Has some poor reviews

​​Stakich, Honey Raw

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Stakich Raw Honey comes right from the beehive and is the best raw honey. The honey is one-hundred percent raw, unprocessed, unfiltered, and unheated, making it one of the healthiest raw honey products. This honey is kosher and Domestic US Grade-A certified.


The honey has no preservatives and is full of nutritious enzymes, amino acids, pollens, minerals, and vitamins. The product has maintained its natural color and texture due to sustainable processing. Consumers will feel a natural energy boost that can last throughout the day.


  • ​Considered one of the healthiest honey products
  • ​No added preservatives


  • ​Not as earthy tasting as other brands

​Crockett Honey Raw and Unfiltered Arizona Desert Wildflower Honey

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Crockett’s Raw Honey is produced in the Arizona desert and is one of the best raw honey products using the highest-grade production practices. The honey is unfiltered and provides nutritious and health benefits. The product contains no fat and is only sixty calories per serving. Many reviewers claim that this product tastes fresh, as if it came straight from the beehive. The honey is never heated or cooked and is an ideal substitute for sugars. The product is rated highly for its flavor and natural taste.


  • ​Inexpensive
  • ​Has a great taste


  • ​Not as sustainably manufactured as other brands
  • ​Not certified organic

Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey

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Wedderspoon Raw Premium Manuka Honey is processed and manufactured in New Zealand, making it one of the best raw honey products. This honey non-GMO verified and is packaged in a BPA free container.

Throughout a six-week period, the honey goes from hive to packaging in a careful and sustainable process. The honey has a hint of ginger and pepper and has an earthy and raw taste. This product is rated highly among many users and is regarded as one of the best honey products in New Zealand. Many athletes and nutritionists use this product daily because of its high-quality health benefits.


  • ​BPA free packaging
  • ​Manufactured in New Zealand


  • ​Contains flavor additives

Nature Nate’s 100% Pure Raw & Unfiltered Honey

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Nature Nate’s one-hundred percent best raw honey acts as a great sugar substitute and is a perfect nutritious snack with quality health benefits. The honey is lightly warmed to provide a rich taste and keep the pollen composition.

The honey is a great source of vitamin C, protein, iron, and antioxidants. This honey can be paired with roasted nuts, berries, coffee, tea, fish, cheese, and butter. Nature Nate’s raw honey has high amounts of fiber and is ideal for the paleo diet. Many nutritionists and dieticians rate this honey highly.


  • ​Great taste
  • ​Fairly priced


  • ​Not certified organic

Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Raw Honey

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This raw, sustainable honey has no preservatives or pesticides, making it one of the best raw honey products. The bees producing this product are of the royal/jelly clan and provide exceptional honey with superb health benefits. The honey contains zero grams of fat and zero grams of sodium and is the perfect sugar substitute. This honey product offers an array of health benefits and has an amazing taste. Tested and certified, this honey product is widely reviewed and consumers agree it is one of the best raw honey products.


  • ​Offers great health benefits
  • ​Contains zero grams of fat


  • ​Unknown if harvesting practices are sustainable

Really Raw Honey

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Really Raw Honey is an ideal best raw honey product and works well on a wide range of food groups. The honey contains propolis, pollen and honeycomb while providing great health benefits. The color and texture come from a variety of local wildflowers, giving it a rich and earthy taste. The aroma of the honey is flowery and lively, which also adds to the delectable taste. The honey is crunchy because of remnants of honey comb left in the product. The company keeps the bees healthy and lets them rest in the winter. This honey is one of the best raw honey products and many have reviewed this highly.


  • ​Rich, earthy taste
  • ​Priced well


  • ​Not certified organic

​The Verdict

Pouring a raw honey on a spoon

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The best raw honey product on this list is the Wholesome Organic Raw Honey. We rated this honey the best because of its taste, quality, and health benefits. The company prides itself on sustainable practices, and we agree that this is important to manufacturing the best raw honey. The honey is whipped and perfect for spreading over toast, crackers or using as a dip. Because it is certified organic, is non-GMO, kosher, and is pesticide-free, while still tasting delectable, we feel this honey is the best raw honey in this review.

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