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Raw Food Success Stories:

I did the 21-Day Raw Food Reset in October as part of the beta program. I was so excited to be involved, but also had some doubts. I live in a small town, and don’t have access to fancy groceries and “superfoods.” It’s not like I have a Whole Foods around the corner. But, once I started looking at the weekly shopping lists and bulk items (so you can buy them all once for a deal and use for the entire program), I realized I could get almost everything from my local grocery store.
Overall, this was definitely the best food or health program I have ever done. Actually, I wouldn’t even call it a diet or weight loss program. It’s more like a food and health discovery adventure. It was so fun trying all the different foods. I lost 9 pounds during the 21 Days and 7 more pounds since then. I expected weight to come back when I started with cooked foods again afterwards, but the “Life After Reset” section helped a lot. I feel like I understand my body and my health more. It really do…
Mary R.



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