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Raw Food Success Stories:

I’m 76 and have been struggling with chronic pain for several years now. I decided to try the 21-Day Raw Food Reset because I had been learning a lot about raw food and how it can help heal so many different diseases, even chronic conditions sometimes. Anyway, it was way easier and more delicious than I thought raw food could ever be. But, the best part is, I am in way less pain. I am finally exercising again, taking daily walks and loving how great my body feels. I don’t know if I ever felt this good, even in my twenties. My doctor noticed an improvement as soon as I walked into her office. My blood pressure is way down to normal levels for the first time in ten years, and she thinks my mobility and pain reduction is related to how much the inflammation in my body is reduced. I do feel lighter, less bloated and just generally happier in a way I can’t really explain, like this foggy feeling is gone. It’s wonderful.  Many thanks!
Linda M.



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