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How to Design the Perfect Daily Routine?

Like many other people, I have fallen into the trap of being busy. I worked long hours, ate on the run and found sleep to be an utter luxury. As time passed, I realized that things were not going well and I had to make a change. I had to fight the weight gain caused by unhealthy eating habits, to solve the problem of sitting for prolonged hours and to improve my overall quality of life. Want to know how I did it? Just keep on reading and discover the top habits I’ve adopted for a perfect daily routine.

#1 Early rising

I was used to going to bed late and it was excruciatingly difficult to get up in the morning. The first half of the day was practically wasted, as I could not keep my eyes open and I had to drink massive amounts of coffee. I slowly began to go to bed early and, thus, I was able to wake up as a reasonable hour the next day. Early rising became one of my favorite things and I loved the peaceful first hours, practicing meditation and having some quiet time all to myself. What I have gained from waking up early? To appreciate having enough time to get a good start in the day.

#2 Healthy breakfast

My usual breakfast was a cup of strong coffee. Needless to say, I would go through the entire workday eating a bagel and other unhealthy snacks. My cholesterol was through the roof and I was gaining weight by the second. When I took the decision to change, breakfast was one of the first things I had to work on. It was part of my healthy diet plan, including fresh fruit, eggs and avocados. I began to have a cup of green tea instead of coffee and I enjoyed eating, without doing any other activity.

#3 Reading instead of social media

The first thing I used to do upon waking up was check out social media. I was instantly suffocated by a wealth of information and had the feeling I was missing out, especially when seeing all my friends presenting their perfect lives. I could not even remember the last time I read[1] a book. So, one day, I put my phone aside and took a random novel from one of the shelves. I read a few pages and remembered how positive reading can make you feel (and think). Reading for pleasure is now one of the habits I cannot go without.

#4 Physical exercise

My job requires a lot of sitting. So, naturally, it was not too long before my back started to hurt and I was feeling like I was 100 years old. When arriving home from the office, I preferred to sit on the couch and forget all about the lower back pain that was bothering me. One day, I woke up and was unable to move, as the pain was unbearable. It was then I decided that I needed to become more active. Each morning, I perform some easy exercises for my back and I have to admit I feel great.

#5 Weighing

For a long period of time, I was not honest about my weight problems. Even though I kept on gaining weight, I still maintained the same hectic lifestyle and failed to acknowledge what was going on. One day, I got up on the scale and was disappointed in an instant. I then set a specific weight goal to reach by the end of the year. Apart from going on a diet, I also decided to begin weight loss exercises. It took me more to reach my goals but I was satisfied with my new weight, feeling better in general. I now weigh myself each morning, it tells me where I am and whether I need to adjust my goals again.

#6 Music

Music has always been a great part of my life but I did not always have the time to sit down and listen to my favorite tunes. I noticed that I preferred to use the smartphone, browsing aimlessly online and, of course, on social media. The moment I found myself to be jaded, I set the phone aside and turned to music[2] instead. My old vinyl records were just waiting for me and, I have to admit, Dean Martin really spoke to me. I now listen to my favorite music, every night, right before going to bed.

 #7 Family time

You might consider that you have the time to see your family[3] in the weekend, the next month or even once in a while. The truth is that we cannot say for certain what will happen tomorrow; we need to spend more time with the ones we love. And this is not only beneficial to them but also to us. When we socialize, we are happier and maintain a positive mindset; we are less tempted to give in to negative thoughts and emotions. I make an effort to spend time with my family on a daily basis and I enjoy the routine we have created together.

#8 Creative hobby

Whenever I had a little bit of free time, I spent it without actually doing anything. I laid on the couch, watched some TV or checked out my friends’ latest updates. Without even realizing, I felt the need for more. My brain was interested in a challenge, I wanted to escape the boredom. I always wanted to try pottery and I finally did. And it was amazing. I loved creating something with my own hands and I felt incredibly relaxed while doing it. This hobby[4] has also made more creative at work, which is quite great.

#9 Journal writing

Sure, you might say that journals are only for adolescents looking to write down their most intimate thoughts. While this is true, it is just as true that adults can benefit tremendously from writing in a journal. I discovered that writing takes the pressure off, I felt less stressed and more inclined towards positive thinking. I made a habit of writing at least one page per day, random thoughts, ideas and plans for the future. This gave me something to look forward to for the next day and it made me feel peaceful.

#10 Reflection

As humans, we each have a purpose. And I had a difficult time finding my one. While I was searching for my path, I began asking myself: what good have I done today? I now have integrated this question into my daily routine and I always try to come up with a suitable answer, discovering the importance of critical self-reflection. Some days, I help my colleagues and I feel rewarded with their gratitude. In other days, it is my family benefiting from my additional help. What matters is that you take some time and reflect on your role, as a human being.

These are some of the habits I have adopted, making my life to be better and my existence more peaceful. I would advise you to give them a try and, at the same time, to practice gratitude. A wise man once said that “We only get to live once but, when done right, it is enough.”



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