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Planning The Perfect Raw Vegan Christmas

Ahhh the holidays.. Sticking to your raw food lifestyle doesn’t need to be tricky this Christmas. We’ve put together our guide to ensuring you can continue to indulge in your favourite raw and vegan treats during the festive season.

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to settle for second best at the festive table.

Let your creativity shine through with our fresh raw food recipe round up – raw vegan bread, hot chocolate, side dishes, spreads and more.

But for most, the holidays come prepackaged with expectation, no small amount of stress and a year-end invitation to reflect. But for those newly diagnosed with cancer or who are undergoing treatment, the season can prove particularly challenging and raw.

Be inspired not only by these fresh new recipes but also by these three inspirational people who survived cancer by changing their diet.

Make your Christmas Shopping easy with our Raw Vegan Christmas 2018 Gift Ideas.

…Because what makes Christmas a lot merrier than a bunch of healthy treats?

Continue on what you’ve started and make this year the best year ever!

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The official Raw Food Magazine sneak peak in bullet points:

    • Introducing Joss Stone: Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Vegetarian


    • The state of cancer: Are we close to a cure?


    • Ditching Meat Could Prevent One Third of Early Deaths


    • Tips for Handling Dirty Laundry With Natural Ingredients


    • Selenium: What is it and why do vegans need it?


    • Natural Skin Care Tips For Men With Dry, Oily or Sensitive Skin


    • Three Inspirational People Who Survived Cancer By Changing Their Diet


  • And so much more!

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