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Top 6 Myths About The Raw Food Vegan Diet Busted

There’s a great deal of hearsay, some with some degree of truth, others without a shred of it. It can be really difficult to decipher what to believe and what not to believe if you are thinking about getting started with the diet. In truth, there’s a degree of flexibility within all of it which it’s important to remember. It’s your body, so only you will know what is right for you. However, there are a few common misconceptions which for your own health (and sanity) it’s important to identify as being false. So, without further delay, here are the six most common myths about the diet and what, if anything, you should take from each.

You Must Only Eat Fruit And Veg

In some way, this is a pretty good way of looking at veganism in general, from the perspective of someone without much actual experience of veganism first hand. “There are, in fact, raw vegans who do rely solely on these foods. However, that is certainly not to say that that approach is for everyone, not least of all when there are so many nutritious, natural food which are acceptable, but which don’t fall in those categories”, writes Charlie Smith, health blogger at Academized and PaperFellows. Things like nuts, seeds, fermented foods, hummus, and other dips and all the other enormous range of options are allowed and recommended for those just getting started.

You’re On It Or Your Off It

One of the biggest problems with diets of all shapes and sizes, whether it be geared towards losing or gaining weight or simply a lifestyle choice, is inflexibility. Raw vegan purists might espouse the idea that it’s 100% commitment or nothing but in truth, there are grey areas. Starting off, you might want to slowly graduate into more and more literal forms of the diet. If you get sick, you might need something heartier to help you get on the mend. Or you might be traveling and want to try the food of your host nation. The important thing is not to break it once and then abandon it altogether. Just go with the flow and do your best.

It Will Be Expensive

One of the most popular misconceptions about veganism touted often by the vegan-skeptics, is that it’s not a sustainable lifestyle for anyone without a trust fund. Whilst it is true that certain upmarket organic food companies target vegans and blend the ideas of veganism with organic-oriented foods if you really take a look at this issue at a base level you quickly see how false it is. Produce is produce and, in fact, given the manner in which supermarkets present it, it tends to be the cheapest items on the shopping list of non-vegans. If that’s all you are eating, then it’s not going to be hard to cope financially. You may even save!

It Will Drain You Of Time

It’s easy to see where this comes from. The fact that so many ready-made meals, takeaways, and quick and easy options aren’t vegan doesn’t mean that vegan food takes longer to prepare. “If you’re new to the raw diet, then it might be that you spend longer looking up recipes. But beyond that, it’s really not going to be any different from usual”, writes Ellen McLaughlin, food blogger at AustralianHelp and OxEssays. It may even save time since week long meal prep is easier when your ingredients don’t go off with the same speed as meat.

Dining Out Isn’t Possible

The truth is it can be difficult, yes. But that’s changing rapidly, with so many more vegan restaurants opening up weekly and many more restaurants offering vegan, raw oriented menu options. It’s never been easier, and it will only get better.

All The Foods Cold

This isn’t true! It can be warmed up, just not above 104 F. Just get a dehydrator or a warming plate. Simple!


As daunting as it may seem, and as rough as the opening is, the raw food vegan diet is actually very achievable. Hopefully, by avoiding this list of common misconceptions, you’ll find yourself with a clear head and plenty of innovative ways to go about your meal planning.


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