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What Is Cold Pressed Juice: Health Benefits

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Taking into account the explosion of popularity surrounding juicing has given even non-health conscious types good reason to ask the question, “what is cold pressed juice.” What started as a garden variety fad has now overwhelmed even mainstay food and beverage retailers with requests for this popular beverage. But why all the noise? Is consuming large amounts of these unpasteurized liquids healthy? Or is this simply the kind of hype that kale has enjoyed for years?

What Is Cold Pressed Juice?

Cold pressed juicing is a process that usually involves ‘high-pressure processing’ which is a technique used to extract the juices from fruits and vegetables without pasteurizing them or heating them in any way. These juices are then sealed and refrigerated to be stored. The high-pressure processing component does mean that these juices have a longer shelf life than juices made in a more traditional juicer and are unpasteurized. But why is demand so high for this?

Consumers that choose cold pressed juice over pasteurized juices claim that the pasteurization process takes out many of the valuable vitamins and nutrients that are present in the fruit’s natural form. This is important, because when someone of this practice goes on a ‘juice cleanse’ (where the participant drinks nothing but juice for an extended period of time) it is important to have as many nutrients available to the body as possible.

What Is Cold Pressed Juicing? The Fad To End All Fads Or Life Changing For Health?

Cold pressed juicing has been around for decades. Though its popularity has grown to an enormous degree since the late 2000s with celebrity endorsements from people like Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow. Juice cleanses have been shown anecdotally to cause people to feel better in the short term, but their long term effectiveness still needs more research done.

In the short term though, once people ask the question, “what is cold pressed juice?” they may present with different answers. But the first one usually isn’t “it’s just a fad supported by a large group of people.” Usually, it begins with “it’s a great way to lose weight” and continues with “it gets rid of harmful toxins.” It could even progress to such wild claims as “it’s made my skin look 20 years younger.”

At The Wellness Party, Let’s Be More Inclusive

It’s important to remember that there’s room for all of the great health foods and supplements at the wellness party. Yes, drinking juices for a day may be a great way to give your insides a break from the energy they usually use breaking down more complex carbohydrates, but feeding your body nothing but juice for a prolonged period of time will cause effects that are similar to starvation.

This is perhaps why people jump so quickly from asking “what is cold pressed juice,” to becoming hooked on the rush they get from drinking these juices, to immediately getting on a juice cleanse. People want to believe that the substances can do more than they actually can do. In truth, the concentration of antioxidants and Vitamin C is great for a body that could use them. In general, people don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables, anyway.

But overloading your body with these juices can be too much of a good thing. Juicing also removes the beneficial fibers that fruit and vegetables contain, which is crucial for your body’s helpful gut bacteria. So if you’re going to incorporate this into your life, be sure to eat the whole food, or take a probiotic along with your cold pressed juice.

Overdoing What The Juice Provides

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We mentioned earlier that it’s actually unhealthy to go to the extremes that some of the proponents of juice cleanses suggest. Now we’ll go a little deeper and discuss why. It essentially boils down to how too much of any one substance can be a bad thing. Your body craves diversity in its nutrient selection, barring allergies of course. When it gets too much of one thing it actually adapts its make up to be more conducive to what it is you’re feeding it.

This is of course because above all else your body wants to survive. It’s the gift that evolution has given us over thousands of years. But consuming juice alone can lead to a “starvation effect.” This is probably why anecdotally people claim that they’re losing weight or that they feel so good after drinking nothing but juice for such a long time. They are essentially starving their bodies and shedding pounds that the body needs for energy in the process.

Also, when it comes to fasting, there is a period of time where the blood flow diverts from your digestive tract and occupies other areas of your body. Because there’s no food to process, those digestive organs don’t need as much oxygen to continue functioning. More blood goes to the brain, giving people who are fasting, or on a juice cleanse, moments of clarity.

If you’re looking for a hard reset in this way, it may be better to do a controlled fast instead, while drinking water. This way those digestive organs can actually take a break for a bit instead of your body not getting the nutrients. It also allows the body to intermittently process incredibly high amounts of sugar (as is what happens on prolonged juice cleanses).

Breaking Down The Benefits

Now that we’ve covered the ways that drinking juice can be detrimental, it’s time to explore how these wonderful concoctions can be great for you. So now when you ask the question, “what is cold pressed juice?” You can confidently say that it’s a drink that can also be a useful tool in maintaining optimal wellness for a healthier lifestyle.

Benefit 1 – Green Juices: B Vitamin Energy

Although green juices (composed primarily of leafy green vegetables) may look strange, they’re actually high in B Vitamins which help the body maintain adequate energy levels. Green juices are also a great source of iron and can help out with protein synthesis during the phases of workout recovery. Also, the balance of vitamins and minerals here is the optimal ratio for the body to use immediately. So definitely keep this cold pressed juice type in your arsenal.

Benefit 2 – Red Juices: Vitality And Antioxidants

Red juices are a popular favorite because of the incredible antioxidant qualities they contain. Red juices are primarily made from things like pomegranates, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, cranberries, and Goji berries. Some of these fruits are even thought to have anti-cancer effects when consumed regularly. These red juices can also reduce the risk of blood clotting. So, in this case, the answer to “what is cold pressed juice?” could be, “it’s saving my life!”

Benefit 3 – Melon Juice Infusion: Hydrate And Fight Inflammation

Choosing a predominately melon based juice can be incredibly healthy every once in a while. A vast majority of people are either dehydrated or under-hydrated. Giving your body the gift of these hydrating melons along with their phenolic compounds is a great way to recover from a body that’s overly sore or tight from the stresses of your day. And several of the compounds in watermelons are known to fight inflammation of the tissues as well.

Benefit 4 – Blue Juices That Make You Happy: Strengthen Your Bones, Smooth Your Skin

This type of juice is great for long term wellness. This juice is mainly composed of blueberries, blue carrots, plums, cabbage, and purple potatoes. These foods contain anthocyanins which fight obesity and relieve oxidative stress. Also, the compounds in blueberries contribute to bone and skin health, as well are anti-cancerous and may even delay the aging process (due to their extraordinary ability to repair DNA).

Negotiating The Price Tag

In the midst of all of these benefits, it’s worth mentioning that a lot of the juice bars you may run into have exaggerated costs associated with their products. Because of this, it may be worth investing in your own juicing equipment. This way you can get all of the benefits juicing provides, without paying 12 dollars every time you reach for your daily health boost.

If you do go into a juice bar, opt for the ones with the greatest diversity of ingredients. There are some fruits and vegetables that you’re less likely to have in your fridge or foods that are particularly hard to process or maintain (like wheat grass or kiwis). In this sense, the juice is worth the price you pay because you’re getting the benefit of not having to that labor yourself. So in this instance, the answer to “what is cold pressed juice” is a well-earned treat.


We hope this exploration into answering the question “what is cold pressed juice”‘ has helped you become a more informed drinker of the various healthy beverages out there. One thing we didn’t mention which you can also incorporate is the addition of coconut juice. It’s a great way to hold onto your ingredients for longer and also naturally sweeten your juice combinations. “What is cold pressed juice?” A great idea! Happy juicing and remember to have respect for your body in the process!


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