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What You Should Know About Raw Vegan Diet During Pregnancy

There are lots of debate around pregnancy diet everywhere. Through all the noise it’s hard to settle down to a certain diet plan. People tend to believe what has worked over the years and occasionally would want to do something different.

We all are familiar and know well about how beneficial a raw diet could be to pregnant women. By a raw diet, we mean unprocessed and organic food.
The category includes mainly a wide range of fruits and vegetables.

It sure does not sound like a delicious plan. Pregnancy could itself be overwhelming. However, for health purpose of the mother and the growing baby in the womb, some changes to lifestyle and eating habits are inevitable.

That being said, a raw diet is gaining popularity not only for experts but also health conscious mothers around the world.

Now that you’ve thought about taking up a raw diet, it’s time we explore the subject in depth and find out if a raw diet is your answer to pregnancy health. Moreover, is the raw diet a good idea in the first place or not?

Things to Know Before Adopting a Raw Diet during Pregnancy

Read on to find out what you could expect from such a diet, and what could possibly go wrong.


1. Fruits and Vegetables are Absolutely Essential

By including the obvious in your diet, you are doing a favor to yourself and your growing fetus. There is no alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables. They supply the necessary nutrients to your body which is hard to ignore.

Along with other essential supplements in your diet, be assured of providing your baby with the right energy it needs to grow in the womb.

2. Raw Diet Prevents You from Unwarranted Eating

This one was predictable, but we had to add it anyway. A normal pregnancy diet may or could have included processed food that is deemed okay.

However, nutritionists do not recommend expecting women to consume overly-processed food. By adopting a raw diet, you save yourself from the harm that a standard diet could pose.

3. Try to Stay Fit and Healthy

Isn’t it a wonderful solution? Many mothers go through depression and insecurity about their bodies post-pregnancies. They have a hard time getting back to their original shape.

To avoid that hassle, it’s important to consume the right nutrients during pregnancy that gives you sufficient energy as opposed to unwanted fat.

Some of the added benefits of a raw diet would be; you could get a better night’s sleep. Since we’re talking about sleep during pregnancy, many women keep tossing and turning in their beds.

Achieving a comfortable sleeping position is important. In this case, pregnancy pillows are there to save your sleep and ensure comfort all night (and day).


1. Remember the Necessary Nutrients for Your Intake

Following a strict vegan or raw diet could seem like everything. But wait, there’s more. A pregnant woman needs essential proteins in her diet which a raw diet is unable to provide.

Try adding food to your diet that supplies your body with Omega-3 fatty acids. A restrictive diet could mean consuming a large amount of one particular nutrient that is not required in your body.

To avoid problems arising from excessive nutrient of one kind, switch between raw foods that provides various supplements.

2. Be Careful While Opting to go on an All Raw-vegan Diet

Raw fruits and vegetables that are fresh and well washed are totally fine. However, certain raw food could do more harm to your body than good.

It could be the sushi meat or the raw fish sauce used in it or just any raw meat, raw milk, or raw eggs. Avoid such types of unprocessed and raw products as much as possible.

A deadly bacteria termed Listeria is found in such products and could even lead to miscarriage. So watch what you consume, mostly at a vulnerable stage like pregnancy.

3. Start a Raw or Vegan Diet Gradually or With a Process

You have been a non-vegetarian all your life, and suddenly the news of pregnancy irks you to switch to vegetarianism. Is that something to consider? Depends.

But the best thing is to talk to your doctor or the nutritionist who could suggest you the right way to begin your new diet.

It takes time for our bodies to adapt to changes. Taking a big leap from one diet to another could have adverse reactions, followed by an increased exercise routine.

Don’t push yourself without adequate knowledge. Going raw doesn’t have to be a punishment for your health.

Good to Remember

Raw diet pros could sometimes seem promising and the only way through pregnancy. However, there still are certain limitations and shortcomings of sticking to only one strict diet.

It’s not an easy decision to take if you have never been health conscious.
But the mother instinct growing inside you will help you consume food you previously never heard of.

You will be needing lots of iron supplements for your blood, calcium for your bones and a removal of trans-fat from your diet. With all of that, don’t overdo any one thing. Listen to your body, your cravings.

As long as your body and the developing fetus is getting what they need most, you will sail through pregnancy in bliss.

Stepheny Jonson


Stepheny is a content writer at FeedFond. A skincare enthusiast and a doting mother to her two children, she’s a healthcyclopedia. Read more of her articles at FeedFond.com.


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