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Start Fresh This Year: Learn to Make Sustainable Changes to Your Health and Life With Nutritionist Doreen Martin

Raw Food Magazine Interview with Doreen Martin Raw Doreen

Certified Nutritionist and inspiring health coach, Doreen Martin shares her wisdom on cleansing, eating for health and loving the journey.

Welcome to another exclusive interview with Raw Food Magazine. My name is Sara Grove and today I’m here with Doreen Martin, commonly known as Raw Doreen. Doreen is a very inspirational woman to me, a health coach and certified nutritionist. We’re excited to talk to her today about her incredible story, the ongoing work she does with one-on-one clients and her advice for how we can start fresh this year.  It’s never too late to start being healthy!

Welcome Doreen, thank you much for being here today.

Doreen: Thank you so much Sara. I am so blessed to do this interview with you and it is a great honor that you want to have this chat with me. I love speaking about raw food and helping others and detoxification. It’s just really good healthy stuff so, thank you.

Sara: Thank you so much, I appreciate that.  I know that you haven’t always been interested in raw food. When did health become a focus in your life?  How long have you been coaching and working in nutrition?

Doreen: My journey started in 2009 with my life and health. I started investigating and doing a cleanse on my own body in 2009. And then about a year later, 2010, I went to school at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

Sara: What triggered that curiosity? Did you experience a “rock bottom” or when did you decide “Okay, now is the time I really have to do something”?

Doreen: Yes, of course I think everybody always has a rock bottom. I love how you say that, rock bottom. I had rock bottom, absolutely. In my 40s, up until then, I was a really sick individual. From birth I suffered with colic. My mother said when I came out I had a hole in my heart, diagnosed at age 5. I had kidney issues when I was a kid. So I think, you know, mama was toxic and I came out as toxic baby. So then in my 30s, I was taking care of my dad. He was diagnosed with cancer and I was his primary caretaker for about 8 months before he passed away. And then into my 40s, I was just almost out of control from years of taking care of others, putting others first, not dealing with my own emotional baggage and using food to numb out and not deal and not live.

So in my 40s I did have a moment where I sort of crashed and burned – that’s what I called it. I came back from a cruise and decided that, you know what, life was just not good for me anymore and I needed to make some changes.

Sara: And you have done just that. Before we get into the details, could you give us a quick glimpse of then and now. How do you feel know? Has there been a big difference?

Doreen: An amazing, amazing difference. I mean, when I look back at what I was like, living my life… I was a mom. I lived behind the scenes of my husband and I never really stepped into my own identity – of who I really was and what I had to bring forward to the world. My purpose. I was too afraid to step into my own skin. Besides being very sick and numbing out of life, not really living life.

Today, I get up, I get to help thousands of people. Everyday I’m on the phone with somebody. I’m helping them to step into their greatness, step into their power. Giving them the courage to step in and take control of their lives, their health and really living their true purpose and there’s just nothing more gratifying and satisfying for me as a human than helping others and to also be fulfilling my passion, what I love to do.

Sara: That’s so beautiful and so impacting, being able to tell the people that you’re working with “It’s okay, I’ve been there.” You’ve been where they ar; you can empathize with whichever stage they are present in. It’s really encouraging, too, because too often people arrive in their 40s or 50s and they see loved ones and peers struggling and passing away early. It’s easy to think that: “Oh, it’s too late for me. I’ve been unhealthy so long. There’s nothing I can do now.” You’ve done something differently with your life – how did you find the courage?

Doreen: Yeah, absolutely, I’ve done something different. I think when you reach your 40s and 50s, you really just step into… you have a lot of wisdom from your younger years. You just get this boldness and courage. You start to think like “I’m 50 now. What do I wanna do for the rest of my life? This is what I’ve done in the first half. Do I really wanna continue to live this life not being totally fulfilled and satisfied?”

You don’t have to get it right; you just have to get going.

It happens a lot. You see midlife crises in men and now women are having them too. Nowadays, it’s just that we’ve got on this hamster wheel for the first part of our life and did what we felt we were supposed to do: get married, have kids, whatever the case may be. Then, the kids are gone.  You’re left with “Wha do I want to do? What is my purpose?”

I coach a lot of women in my age group and I also coach some younger ones because the younger ones are dealing with a lot of health issue these days. Unfortunately, they’re not getting these health issues when they’re 30 and 40. They’re starting in their 20s now.

Sara: Yes, it’s definitely happening more and more. I’m so excited to dig a little more into the whole human, [00:06:30] and exactly what you’re talking about: finding your purpose and passion at work and that is not [00:06:35]. But really quick before we dive in. Do you have any words of encouragement for someone who might be listening to this and they’re feeling discouraged thinking Yeah, I’d love to make a change. I’ve tried it before but I just don’t know if it’s gonna work for me. I just don’t know if there’s any point. I’m too unhealthy. Do you have any encouragement or is there anything someone said to you that was helpful for you?

Doreen: I just know that when I did my first cleanse, because that was the catapult into my whole journey of health because I was really in a bad place of being depressed overweight, just tremendous hormonal issues. I couldn’t sleep at night. And I was riddled with anxiety. For me to be having this call with you now and to be totally sober, not being on Xanax, It is nothing short of a miracle. I stand up and give lectures today. When I stand up there, sometimes I will actually come to tears because I look and see that I’m not the same woman that I was. I was so overcome with anxiety. I couldn’t speak, couldn’t stand up in front of people, couldn’t carry on conversation. I was just so nervous and afraid.

I stepped into health by doing a cleanse. When I did a cleanse and started to clean out some of the toxins, it started to balance out the body as well as the mind. You can start really see things clearly. I call it a food fog. Until then, you’re in this food fog, and when you can take all these chemicals out of your body and do a cleanse, you can start to get clear and start to really seek out what it is you want and how you want to make changes.

I truly believe your steps are orchestrated when you put that desire and intention out there that you want to have a better life, that you want to live your purpose. Things will just start to feel alive for you as you’re taking those steps forward. So, to encourage someone that is telling themselves “I can’t do it” or “I don’t know where to start,” let’s just get you to do a cleanse. Let’s get you clear, let’s take away those substances and the processed food out of the body so that you can start to balance things clearly. Balance your emotions and they’ll start to take steps in the direction that you want to go.  It’s so very possible.

Sara: What type of cleanse did you do for your first experience?

Doreen: I did a raw food 14 day cleanse. I got it from a gentleman that was a friend of mine who had given it to me years before that. He said: “Here, you need to do a cleanse” and I said:”Yeah, okay, right.” I thought to myself, someday. You know how you put book or things on the shelves and then at the appropriate time of your life, that book will pop off the shelf?  I came home from a cruise and his cleanse popped out of my closet. Not literally, but I was looking for a fresh start. I was looking for a food book, to find some new diet to go on and his cleanse book just came into focus.

I took his cleanse book and I did a 14 day raw food cleanse, which was juicing and blending and raw food for 14 days. By day 5 or 6, I could feel a difference in my body. Of course I had a lot of detox and stuff for a couple of days but I could see clarity starting to come and balance and just all of that good stuff. How your body just comes alive when you give it the nutrients it needs.

Sara: Yes, that’s really neat to just jump right into that. What did your husband think during this time, your friends and family, were they like “What are you doing?” or how did people react?

Doreen: They were okay when I was on the cleanse. After the cleanse, I decided, you know what, I’m changing my whole lifestyle.  I went through the kitchen and threw out processed food. I went to farmer’s markets and bought veggie juices… I remember my mom said to me: “You can’t live like that. You can’t live on raw food.” And I said: “Mom, millions of people are doing it.” So yeah, they were okay with the cleanse part. They thought “she’s calming down…”

Sara: “She’s in a phase… It will pass.”

Doreen: Exactly. But the whole lifestyle change, that caused some disruption in my family. Especially with my husband. He was not a fan at all when I was changing my lifestyle. I sat my family down and said: “Listen, this is for mom. Mom’s doing it for her. You all can continue to eat the way you want to eat, but this is what I have to do for me in order for mom to get healthy. Because mom’s not healthy.” And they realized that. They were living in a house with mom, you know, I called it riding my broom stick. I would fly off the handle, be impatient with the kids, all of that. It comes with the caffeine up and down… stuff going on with your body and emotions. They liked the new mom because she was a lot calmer and she would speak instead of yelling.

Raw Doreen and her dog

Sara: Well, that was a very beautiful way to go about it, making it extremely personal like that. Anytime there is a major change in life, it can be hard for those that are closest to you. But, you definitely don’t help your cause when you use your new knowledge as a platform like :”You need to do it, too. Everyone needs to do this. None of this food can come into our house.” We see a lot of struggles like that in marriages and family conflicts that don’t need to happen. We encourage people that if you’re gonna make a change, make it personal and make it yours. Don’t expect or demand that the people around you that love you are going to change. Simply let them be inspired by the beautiful results it’s having for you.

Doreen: Well said Sara.

You know how many women have come to me and said “Oh, I really want to do this but my husband is not going to like it.” You have to do it for you and let him do for him what works for him. Find out what works for you, do that. Find out what works for him and he can do that.

Sara: Yes. I love that advice of that you just gave before. If you don’t think you can do it, if you’re not sure, just start with a cleanse just to try it, to get yourself in a better mind state. I think that’s really beautiful. So, with most of the clients that you take on and the men and women you coach, do you encourage most people to start with a cleanse?

Doreen: Yes, before I take them on, they have to agree to do a 10-day cleanse with me. We do a 10-day cleanse right out of the gate because then I can get down to the real stuff. You know, once you clear the food fog away, there are emotions that will start to surface. In my practice, this is what I experience.

These emotions start to come up because we remove the drug. I think we’re all sort of like food addicts in some ways where we’re using food somehow to cope with emotions that we are feeling or don’t want to feel. Whether it’s happiness, sadness… whatever. When those emotions start to come up, I want to be able to help them to deal with those through journals. We’re going to detox emotionally as well as physically. We’re doing a 10-day total cleanse emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Sara: Do you find that addressing the emotional side of things like that those goes hand in hand? That it makes it easier to do one with the other at the same time?

Doreen: Absolutely. I think it’s a must. Otherwise, if you ignore underlying emotions, then after the cleanse, when you’re really trying to incorporate a healthier lifestyle, it will be much harder for you because all of your bad habits will come to the surface again. Different issues are going to come into your life again and the only way you will know how to deal with them is with food because that is what you’ve done your whole life.

Sara: It’s might be interesting to dive into the biology of food addictions for a little bit from a chemical standpoint. There are many processed foods today that have chemically addictive qualities. Sugar is one, as well as cheese and milk. I find it interesting that the physical addictions subside much faster than emotional dependencies and habits. If you haven’t addressed why you’re choosing what you’re choosing and why you’re craving what you’re craving, it’s not likely to have any long-term success.

Doreen: Absolutely. Until I was really willing to break through the fear, feel the emotions, stop playing the old story that was constantly played in my head, confront my past – the abusing my background and learning disability – I couldn’t move forward.  I had to say “Ok, I’m not living in that story anymore. I’m going to rewrite the story and use those things, not to hold me and keep me bonded to shame.  Those are things that happened in my life that caused me to come to the place where I am now. Rewriting those stories, feeling those emotion, push through the fear and really practice. A big thing for me is practicing self-care and self-love. That’s huge for me.

I mean, when I look back at what I was like, living my life… I lived behind the scenes of my husband and I never really stepped into my own identity – of who I really was and what I had to bring forward to the world. I was too afraid to step into my own skin. Besides being very sick and numbing out of life.

Today, I get up, I get to help thousands of people. Giving them the courage to step in and take control of their lives, their health and really living their true purpose and there’s just nothing more gratifying and satisfying for me as a human than helping others.

Sara: What does it look like for you? Is it something you do on a daily basis like reserving 5 minutes everyday to do something for you?  What is your routine?

Doreen: I don’t necessarily have a set routine of what I do but this is what I make sure that I do: I’m checking in with myself. If I feel out of balance or I feel myself being pulled to some sort of comfort food for myself, I stop and ask myself a few questions: Where have I neglected some self-care in my life? Have I gone too many days without unplugging and taking some time for me?  What do I need right now?

We’re all not perfect so it’s very easy to get caught up in busyness. Especially during the holidays, when you’re running your business, being a mom, getting into the holiday festivities… I have to stop and say, Ok, how many days has it been?  Taking a timeout to really focusing on Doreen and what’s making Doreen happy. Am I taking a bath, reading, having my quiet time in the morning, reading my personal development book? That for me, I have to do everyday. I’ve always got a motivational book going and I make sure that I set a daily reading time for me, just a couple of pages. I have to have that. If I just get out of bed and I start running right away, not good. Not good for me.

Sara: That’s one of my favorite things to do, too. I always have some kind of motivational book or audio that I read or listen to each morning. Do you have any favorites?

Doreen: I love Valorie Burton. Anything by Valorie Burton. She’s a life coach and she’s just got some amazing books for women. For anybody, really. I really gravitate toward a lot of personal development books that she has.

Sara: Ok great!  I love new book suggestions.

Now, really getting down into the nitty gritty for yourself and some of the people that you’ve coached… What I’m hearing you say is that in your profession and in your life you have observed that most of our bad food habits and cravings really root from something deeper?

Doreen: That’s what I’ve experienced in my life and with most of the people that I coach. Absolutely.

Sara: Let’s say that I really want to start making a change and I come to you for health coaching. How do you address a client whose main goal is, perhaps, “I want to fit in this pair of jeans”? Or “I want to lose my baby weight” or “I need to fit this image”?  How do you go about helping them when maybe they don’t think emotions need to be a part of it?

Doreen: I would say that probably 90% of my clients come to me with that. They want to lose weight, they want to look good. I’m really big on meeting a client where they are because I want to impact the world. I can’t just make people fit into my box. Especially with raw food. Most of my clients come to me from a standard American diet. They’re not raw food people. They have heard that raw food can make a difference in their lives so they’re curious.

Yes, when we just start with that – as your goal, you want to lose weight. Ok, great. We’re going do a cleanse.  They come into my practice and have to do a 10-day cleanse. And as we’re cleansing, more than likely, I’m going to give them some worksheets or something to work on. Of course, I’m asking great questions to encourage them to look inward. And journaling.  These are things that we will work on as we’re going through the 10 day process together.

Sara: That’s really wonderful. So, for you as well, what are some of the most common challenges you see? What do you think are some of the hardest parts for people just getting started and maybe even post-cleanse?

Doreen: Ok, so I really trust that they’ve got to keep the body clean because the more they keep the body clean, the fewer toxins will be stored in the body. After the 10-day cleanse I transition them into clean food and I educate them on what clean foods are. They’re not processed food, they’re not boxes and bags. We get away from all of that and we go back to what’s growing out of the earth, what’s coming out of the ground. My clients generally won’t transition right into a raw lifestyle, which is fine with me. I really try to educate them to be at least 50 percent raw and let them decide what is going to work for their bodies. I’m about 90 percent raw; but, is that a fit for everybody? Absolutely not. Not coming right out of the gate.

Now some people would just grab right on to it and go full tilt. So, again, you have to meet the client where they are and help them to transition in their own timeframe, however long that’s going to take and however much they want to incorporate raw food. They will see a change and will feel the difference when they’re not eating as much raw food. The body speaks back to them.

Sara: Right, because that’s another interesting thing. I like how you talk about clearing emotional space and finding a purpose for life and fulfilling what you really feel your mission is here on Earth. I think the same thing happens with food. Once we clear out the junk, once you do the cleanse, you start getting in touch with your body’s natural cravings, the good kind of cravings!  You know, for someone who never grew up eating vegetables to start craving broccoli or spinach or tangerines… they’re very specific. I think that also can happen. Have you had that experience?

Doreen: Oh my God. Yes.  It’s eating intuitively. I will say to myself: Ok, what is my body really feeling today? Because I know as the seasons change, my body craves different things. I usually crave whatever is in season. You know, the butternut squash or whatever. I try to really be in tune, checking in with my body. I lived a life for so long where I would check out but now I have to check in with myself and say: Ok, what is it today? Yesterday it was blueberry. In the morning, I craved blueberries for breakfast so strongly. I really felt like blueberries so I made this amazing blueberry smoothie. Yes, always checking in with ourselves.

Sara: It’s definitely good to plan ahead, too, as you’re going through this process. Having a more structured idea of what you’re going to eat everyday will help you not go back to the old ways and old habits. Do you find that it is helpful for new students to stick to a regular regimen?  How do you encourage people to start out eating?

Doreen: I’d like them to at least do 21 days of eating clean and green.  I give them meals and different options, easy recipes.

You know, that’s another thing. It has to be really easy for today. A lot of my moms are working moms. They don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen. Then of course, my stay-home moms, they do. So it’s going be easy and it’s going be good for you and taste good.

Sara: And so, it can be done. I know a lot of people have a misconception of raw food because they see the gourmet recipes, dehydrated recipes and all these recipes that are wonderful and amazing and delicious but not practical for everyday. For your clients, you have found that it is practical to eat raw on a daily basis without taking up all of their time?

Doreen: Yes. That comes from, like you said, educating and giving them samples of something simple. I was at my mom’s house this Saturday and I ran up to the store and got some salad. I came back and whipped up a salad dressing that took a couple of seconds. She’s watching me and she’s like: Wow, that was quick. And I said: Yes, you learn how to make something quick on the fly. It doesn’t have to be this big, elaborate dressing that you make. I whipped up some lemon juice, olive oil and some fresh garlic and just put it on some arugula salad and cut up an avocado. Make it simple and keep it simple so that you can do it for the long term.

Sara: What about the long term? I know during a cleanse you have different goals.  After the first 10 days or the first couple weeks, after releasing so many body toxins, your body feels so great and so fresh. You feel extremely energized.  Do you see people who get excited about the result right away and then hit a plateau or a hump?  How does one stay satisfied eating clean and green in the long term?

Doreen: Well, I’m a big proponent of adding superfoods to my lifestyle and I also encourage my clients to do so.  I recommend some superfoods that will help them, making sure that they’re getting enough nutrients in their bodies. Because, first of all, we have to transition away from the calorie and counting calories.  How many calories doesn’t correlate to the nutritional density we’re getting in different foods.

I know that even though I’m eating organic and raw, juicing and blending, my body still isn’t always getting enough of the nutrients that it needed so I incorporate some superfoods into my lifestyle. Like right now, I’m sitting with a glass of kamut wheatgrass, which is blended up with an alfalfa grass.  There are so many different things that you can incorporate into your raw lifestyle. I’m a big proponent of superfoods and I know some raw foodies are not. It works for my lifestyle and it works for my clients as well. Don’t be afraid to incorporate different superfoods for that extra nutritional boost.

Sara: Yes, adequate nutrients do the body good. It can be difficult, especially being based in the US – though every country has its own benefits and challenges. When you first start to change your lifestyle, eating a lot more fresh produce, we run into new issues.  A lot of produce that you will find at the supermarket was picked way before it was ripe. It has been injected with preservatives. It’s been genetically modified. So, the idea is that we aren’t even getting the same amount of nutrients from our food now as you would if you grew your own organically and pick it at the peak ripeness. The nutritional profile is just going to be different. Superfoods are a way to, like you said, add that extra boost that you may still not be getting from your grocery store produce.

Doreen: Absolutely. I’m not afraid to use them. I use clean, organic, non GMO superfoods so that doesn’t bother me. It actually helps because of my fast lifestyle and the fast lifestyle that a lot of my clients have. They get up and they can’t juice because they’re running late and the kids need to get to school. I can empower them with a green superfood powder that dehydrated and 88º that you can put water and you can get out of the door and you can make sure that you’ve got some nutrients in your body cause you’re running late. We don’t live in a perfect world where everyday is perfectly timed, where we don’t run late and the kids aren’t throwing up before they have to go to school. It just doesn’t happen. We have to deal with reality and what’s really happening in our lives today and what’s really happening in the lives of our clients. I have a heart for helping those that aren’t living a raw lifestyle to get them to experience it with ease and convenience. That’s my heartbeat, you know. It’s not so much just helping the raw person. It’s really reaching the masses of people that are hurting but they don’t know about raw food yet. Let’s get them open to the concept.

Sara: Are there any major misconceptions that you hear from people?  When you introduce yourself as ‘Raw Doreen’?

Doreen: Yes. I have a raw food meetup group and the title of my group is Raw and Raw Wannabe. And when I first started the group, you know, it attracted a lot of raw people, raw foodists. Then, because I put “wannabe” in the title, it would attract people that never understood raw or didn’t even know raw. And my raw people would kinda be like: Hmm, why are we letting them in? You know they’re still eating meat and I really had to set the tone: This is my heartbeat. I want to reach those people even if they are eating meat and let them learn and discover at their own pace. Let’s present it to them a different way – another way that they might want to try eating. I’m just all about community and embracing everybody and pulling them into the community – not being so rigid and labeling. I don’t even like to really label myself raw because I’m not 100% raw. I live a high-raw lifestyle. But, that’s where I am, so I wear that label but I don’t wear ‘vegan’ and ‘raw vegan.’ I don’t wear any of those labels because they could put me in a box. I want to be able to reach the masses without thinking “I can’t talk to her because she’s vegan or raw.”  Embrace everybody where they’re at, meet them where they are, love them into a better lifestyle. Love really helps a lot of people if we just reach out and love them.

Sara: And I love the way that you talk about that. A lot of people are entering the New Year looking for another diet. They’re looking for another protocol and another set of rules to follow to reach certain goals. And, I love this because it’s taking a step further. It’s going to be healthier in the long-term and you will feel happier with yourself if you don’t promise yourself “I’m gonna follow this raw vegan diet.” Instead, say: “You know what, raw foods makes me feel better.”  Focusing on your successes will fuel the long-term motivation.  Instead of worrying “Oh my gosh, you know, I had that almond butter and it was roasted and salted. I’ve really messed up.” That’s psychologically toxic and it’s not going to help you at all. So, I love that you focus with people on learning how to make ourselves feel great and not worrying about following something perfectly.

Doreen: That’s huge Sara.  All the time, “I’m good, I’m bad. I did good today, I didn’t do good today.”  Then the self-loathing that comes. That’s really really big with women. They beat themselves up for eating that, the things that are not the best fuel for their bodies. I have to really work with them. “It’s okay, just pick yourself back up. When you know better, you do better. Next time do better. Learn from this and be gentle with yourself.”

Sara: I can pretend that I’m one of your clients. If you don’t change your thought patterns, it’s just a different scale.  It’s funny how progress doesn’t seem like progress when you don’t face your psychological barriers. Nothing really changes, then. I used to feel good about myself when I had my whole wheat toast with butter instead of white toast. I thought “Oh, I’m going to eat healthy today.”  Then, I would eat a cheeseburger and fries and feel guilty.  Fast forward a few years, and I would think “Oh my god, I’ve done great. I’ve had nothing processed, I made a green smoothie, and a great salad.” And then the dark side: “Oh, I ate a cracker. That was so bad, that’s so processed. What am I doing? I’ve done such a terrible job.”

Even though night and day, my body felt so much better, I was so much healthier. My mind still wasn’t there yet. Maybe this is something you’ve seen with clients that come to you already raw.  In general we have two parties: people that are trying this for the first time and people that go to the extremes to detox.

I’d be curious on your idea about detox and how much is enough and when is too much?  For your own life and for your clients, how often do you recommend a cleanse or a detox? Is that something you recommend doing regularly or once in a while?

Doreen: Well, I encourage them to do one every time the season change. Four times a year. It’s great to do a cleanse as the season changes. Cleanse and start to incorporate new seasonal fruit. But, some of my clients, will do back-to-back cleanses. I’ve got some clients that have done 4, 5, 6 cleanses. Almost like once a month. It just depends on where they are in their journey and of course, I don’t discourage them because some of them are really toxic and in a medicinal state of healing. So, just being sensitive to that, of course.

One of my clients, he’s done six cleanses with me and he’s down 68 pounds. This is a young man in his late thirties that has diabetes.  We are working with his doctor to help get him off his medication. We always work with their physicians and let them know what we’re doing during the cleansing. He had a toe amputated and a massive heart attack. This is somebody in their 30s!  He’s down 68 pounds. I’m not familiar with his medication, the doctor is monitoring that. But, they cut his insulin down to barely anything. The doctor thinks within three months, he’ll be off his insulin totally. The doctor is even amazed at the progress that this gentleman has made – 68 pounds and he’s been with me since April.

He does a cleanse almost once a month. So it’s a lifestyle change. This is somebody that was on a standard American diet and we have to take him slowly. It’s a process, right? Give him the tools that he needs, work with him in the first 30 days and empower him so that now, he just checks in with me once a month to let me know what’s going on and what he’s doing.  That’s the big key for me: empowering people to give them the tools that they need to make a lifestyle change.

It’s just amazing. It’s amazing what food, the right food, will do. How it will balance out the body, allow the body to heal itself. It’s not me healing them, it’s the body coming back, balancing and then working properly the way it’s designed to work because we’re giving it the fuel and the food that it needs to stay balanced.

Sara: That’s so amazing. Congratulations to him. That is really encouraging for people to hear. Are there any things that you’ve learned from your students and clients that you’ve coached?

Doreen: That’s a good question. Everyday when I’m coaching somebody, of course, I’m learning more about myself. The coaching session is very intimate. It’s a time for sharing back and forth and I’m always learning something. There’s always a take away. The whole coaching dynamic is two fold. You’re giving but they’re also giving back to you and you’re taking away something that you can implement change in your own life that touches you. So of course.

Sara: So for 2015, if there is someone listening or if I’m coming to you and I’m not sure if I’m ready for coaching and I’m not really sure which direction I go, what’s the first 3 steps that you could give someone? Try these first 3 things to get yourself moving in the right direction?

Doreen: I would say incorporate green juice or smoothie. Just try that. Just get up and say I’m gonna do a smoothie in the morning and let’s see. I love that, starting my day off with something green because I think it sets us up for success, right? So let’s start off with a green juice, that would be the first thing.

Second, I would say look for a local meetup group or something in your area.  There are meetups all over – maybe a plant-based, raw food group or something where you can go and be around a community of people that are interested in better health. The more that you hang around with people that are interested in health, it’s gonna help you to change your thought pattern.

Sara: You can also see how to socialize around healthy food. Food can be so social, so tied to family tradition and friend.  The first time I went to a raw food event, it was really impactful simply because I experienced a social event centered around healthy food.  I hadn’t experienced that before. So I love that suggestion.

Doreen: Yes. The raw food group that I do here, we do like a potluck, so everyone gets to bring something. And you see the brand new people just bring some fruit, apple slices or something. Then as you go along, you’ll think “Oh let me try this recipe.” That’s great just to be able to try something else and distract yourself a little bit. Even online, I know there are some groups on Facebook where you can join for free that can help you to get into a community and start to learn about this whole movement of eating clean and green. Last year I started a Facebook group in the beginning of January where I put my cleansers in there.  People there are in my coaching practice and it’s developing into this awesome little community. I have three thousand people in this community online. We can support one another. I just really believe in the power of community. We’re not meant to do this alone. We’re not meant to be alone.

Sara: That’s great. Can you say that again for someone who might wanna hop online and join a group? Where can they find that?

Doreen: Unfortunately, that’s a private group I put together just for my cleansers. But, there are groups out there. You can just go to your Facebook and search and be able to find one. I put that together, I made it a private setup where everybody in that group is in the same boat.  They’re wanting to be clean and green and they’re in the same mindset.

Sara: That’s so wonderful. Ok, so… Starting the new year fresh we want small milestones that are really attainable goals.

  • Step 1: Incorporate a green juice/green smoothie into your morning routine.
  • Step 2: Join a Facebook group/meetup/some sort of community involvement around either raw food, vegan or plant-based eating.

Is there any last thing that you would really encourage someone to start doing as soon as possible?

Doreen: Yes, you know what I love? I always want my client start a vision board. Start to dream, start to really dream about what your life can be like in 2015. So often we don’t even take time to dream… to think about the possibility of what could be. Allow yourself to dream, to really dream and see what you really want in 2015. I have a vision board in my office and I change it up every so often as I grow and develop because I think we all are continuing to involve. I love looking at it, like right now, talking to you and I’m looking at my vision board. I’m looking at things that I want to accomplish this year.

Sara: If you don’t mind sharing, what is one of your visions for this next year?

Doreen: For 2015, I haven’t made my new vision board yet. But, one of the things I want to start to do for my community is do a little weekend retreat where we can get together. And, I’m also gonna take an additional class in health this year with Valorie Burton. I’m gonna take additional health and life-coaching class because I like to always keep myself sharp. I just started this month, actually, a women’s mastermind group online where I have some women in a group where we are working on some of our emotional issues, personal issues, and personal development. So I’m starting with that angle first instead of starting with the food angle first. I’m just doing a little test with this group of women for the month of December and so I’m gonna see maybe if I’ll start to do some more of that. I coached a lot of men and women but I really feel the pull to niche down a little bit and start doing some special thing just for women in 2015.  I’m trying to just really see what that is. The only way I know is just to take this step, tune into what I feel in my heart to do and follow that.

Sara: Right. Oh that’s so exciting! I’m excited for you and please keep us posted as these new things start to develop.

To recap:

Grab your green smoothie, find a community and start dreaming. There is definitely potential for this to be a much different year, healthier year. It’s our year to create the lives we want.

Doreen, it has been such a pleasure talking to you. And I’d love for you to share if you have any final takeaway, if there is anything you want leave us with: a message or a piece of encouragement.

Doreen: Yes, absolutely.

Step out this year. You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going. So do it, feel the fear. And I trust that as you take the steps – even though as scary as it’s going to be (because it’s always scary when we’re stretching ourselves and starting into something new) – that’s really where the magic happens. So step out, and get started. Don’t be afraid.

Sara: That’s so beautiful. Thank you so much. And Doreen, for anyone who want to get in touch with you for coaching or just to hear more about you, where would you direct them?

Doreen: That would be

Sara: Thank you so much!

Doreen: Thank you Sara. I really appreciate you taking time out and letting me share today with your audience. It’s been really fun getting to know you and just being a part of your community here with Raw Food Magazine.


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