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We are here to help you LOVE the food that loves you back!

We created Raw Food Magazine to educate and inspire those who want to feel great, love their bodies and have the energy they need to live a full, joyful life.

Raw food isn’t scary or gross. Seriously, it’s just fruit and veggies!

And, when you feed your body lots of yummy, juicy, fresh fruits and veggies, things start happening. Great things.

  • You start having better poops (yep!) that leave you lighter, cleaner and more energetic.
  • You start feeling mentally clearer, like the world around you is a bit brighter than it was before.
  • You start wanting to try new things, exercise more and find uses for all your new energy.
  • You sleep soundly (NOT like a baby, because all the babies I know prefer to wake up multiple times during the night to cry, eat or just get cuddles).
  • You stop hitting “snooze” 5 times and wake up strangely uplifted.
  • You stop thinking those peppy fitness instructors are so irritating and fake, cuz, hey you can actually relate to those elevated states!
  • You stop stressing out about weight fluctuations because your body seems to find a natural balance. It’s kind of awesome.
  • Your eyes light up–honestly, the irises become clearer and lighter over time.
  • A bunch of other sort of weird and wonderful things can happen, too, but you’ll just have to find out!

When you feed your body the good stuff and start feeling really truly great (for many people, for the very first time!) the rest of life gets a little easier.

Fundamentally, we want to help you be happy. To stop being sick and tired and stressed all the time so you actually have the time and energy to pursue your passions and spend time with people you love.

Now, that’s a lovely way to live.

Our Mission:

“Help you LOVE the food that loves YOU back!”


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