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7 Day Refresh

What’s Inside The 7 Day Refresh

It’s everything that you’ll need to complete one week of incredible raw vegan recipes.  You’ll get the 7 Days Refresh Beginners Guide, Simple Prep-week Steps, Complete Refresh Meal Plan, Full Online & Offline Access and a Private Facebook Community just for the 7 Day Refresh.

The Refresh was created by nutritionists and raw chefs so you can discover amazing recipes with the most healthy benefits.  You’ll be surprised at how great you can look and feel in just 7 days of eating raw.  The 7 Days Refresh has simple’n quick meals for beginners and a dessert for every night (mouth watering chocolate desserts might I add 😉

We’re Throwing In 5 Special Gifts FREE:

1. Lifetime Access The Members Area Recipe Resource – FREE

Now you can save your favorite raw vegan recipes from the members area and also any recipe on the site to your account.  Jump back to them anytime to see the recipes you’ve loved the most.


2. MP3 Simple Step To A Healthy You & Eating Raw and Loving It – FREE

Rene Oswald has been teaching nutrition and plant-based food prep classes around the country.  She’s put on a special program just for you to listen in.


3. Raw Food Magazine Back Issue Of Your Choice – FREE

We’re all beautifully different and we want you to pick the issue that best fit who you are and what you want to learn to get the most out of this Refresh experience. We have 30+ amazing back issues in the members area.  Once inside, you’ll see a place to tell us which issue you want for free and then the download link will appear.

4. Smoothie Week – FREE

Smoothie Week is an optional delicious week created to help you gently transition into an easier Refresh experience.  The goal is to have one smoothie, once a day for 7 days.  It’s that simple.  Eat what you want for the rest of time, just remember to have at least one smoothie each day.  We want to give you everything you might need to have an incredible Refresh.


5. 7 Day Refresh Beginner’s Guide – FREE

The 7 Day Raw Vegan Refresh Beginner’s Guide is a complete layout on how to get ready for Refresh Week, what’s inside the week and how to transition back to your normal diet after the Refresh.  We’ve also added in time & money saving tips along with an Refresh 101 section.

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Normal Price is $29.95

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Grand Opening Special

For the grand opening we’re offering 50% off for a limited time.  It’s to celebrate it’s release and to support those who want to give themselves this incredible experience. 


Enjoy Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes For One Week & See A Difference In Your Healthy, Weight, Energy and Clarity

The NEW 7 Day Refresh is finally ready! The test group finished earlier last year and everyone lost weight and felt amazing at the end of week. It was a lot of fun and delicious. The entire program is up and running now.

We just want to offer you a mega deal for joining Raw Food Magazine and give you 50% off this new program coming out this year.


1. You want to experience what it’s like to eat raw vegan

If you haven’t eating raw vegan for one week, then this is your chance to experience yourself in a whole new light.  Get ready to feel healthier, cleaner and lighter.

The goal here is not to become a raw vegan, it’s to give your body a fresh start.  This is a time to fuel your body with living foods and give yourself a tasty experience with a bunch of delicious desserts every evening. You’re going to love it.

It’s kind of like your yearly maintenance and could help prevent toxins from building up and creating future health complications.

2. You want to see REAL results

Plain and simple, you’ll get results when you add the 7 Day Refresh.  It will give your body what it needs to start fresh.

You will definitely lose weight and get a deep cleansing experience.  This week can be a breakthrough week for major mental and physical changes. Whatever the case, you will see results in your body, energy, sleep and health.  We guarantee it.

3. You want new healthy recipes 

The 7 Day Refresh was created to have easy-to-digest veggies, more snacks, and a dessert every night.  It’s the gentle approach to eating raw with intentionally pick ingredients that are cheap, powerfully healthy and easy to digest.

It’s was created for beginners so you don’t need a dehydrator or any other crazy contraption that are not normal to a kitchen.  It’s about taking baby steps and celebrating every success along the way.

We just want to support you and find an option that best fits you and where you are at in life. Whatever you decide will be a great decision.

Just so you know, when you add the 7 Day Refresh, you’ll get lifetime access to the Refresh and any new updates to it will be FREE.

Common Misconceptions

We hear time and time again people not choosing to give themselves a fully raw diet for a week because of something they heard.  This can only be good for you

Is it going to take too much time and money?  No and No. Creating the raw food meals will often be 2-3 times quicker than preparing cooked food.  To save money, we intentionally picked ingredient that are typical in stores but also have powerful health benefit.

Am I going to be hungry? Being hungry is out of the question during this Reset.   The nutrition, fiber, and healthy fats are well-planned to keep you satisfied.  Many of our raw food meals satisfy the emotional triggers behind strong cravings for comfort foods.

Can I do it if I have a normal work week? Yes!  We put a lot of energy and intention into addressing this very issue. Lets face it, many of us will work during the Reset, and need the program to work with our schedules.  This works great if you have a busy schedule, family responsibilities, or just don’t like spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Will I have to eat cold food the entire time? Absolutely not! This is a myth that many raw foodies still don’t know is false! Anything you eat can be warmed up, so long as it doesn’t get heated above 104-120 degrees Fahrenheit.  During the Refresh, we include instructions for you to enjoy warm soups and snacks if you’d like.

Will I only be eating raw fruits and vegetables the whole time?   THIS IS NOT A BORING BITTER MEAL PLAN.  We’re sure some would be fine with throwing an apple and carrot on the plate and going to town, but in general it’s not going to be enjoyable and it’s not going to last.  The Refresh is about combining ingredients to make easy, tasty and healthy recipes.   You’ll finish with a whole new repertoire of incredible meals, desserts, snacks that are delicious and good for you.


Comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We know this Refresh is will be amazing for you.  So, we stand behind this program 100%. We want you to know we will take care and want you to get the most out of your Refresh.  If for some reason this program is not what you need at this time, simply let us know within 30 days and we’ll give you a refund.

Here’s What Past Refreshers Have To Say:

I am from France and I always wanted to switch my diet and eat raw vegan.  I found the Refresh online and it was perfect.  It had everything I needed to finish one week of eating raw vegan.  I was pleased to see that I looked better and slept better after the 7 days…
Stacy Attaway



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