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Raw Food Success Stories:

I was really nervous to eat completely raw for 3 whole weeks, even though I do eat salads and love smoothies.  I guess, I had really wrong expectations. I thought I would be constantly hungry and have to force myself to eat meals that didn’t taste good “because it’s good for me.” But, I was so wrong. Halfway through I totally forgot about wanting to lose 10 lbs which was my original goal because I was enjoying the food and how I felt so much. I did end up losing the weight, 12 pounds actually, but it felt like a bonus. I asked my husband if he wanted to do the Reset with me and he was not interested to say the least. But, after a few days I started doubling the recipes because I would catch him in the fridge stealing my snacks! I guess he didn’t know raw food could be so good either.  Thanks for everything.  We are already planning on revisiting this and doing a Reset together every year.  Blessings from California!
Sue, John and Happy the dog



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