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Raw Food Success Stories:

I have a demanding work schedule and kids for that matter, though they are mostly grown. I have tried so many health programs, even other raw programs–juice cleanses, detox diets, the Master Cleanse–but they never seem to work with my lifestyle. Either I’m so hungry it’s hard for me to stay focused, or there is so much prep that I just don’t have the time. The Reset was different. There were some days I didn’t even eat the snacks because the meals were so filling, which is crazy for me because I always eat snacks. The organization was seamless and puts all your food prep and shopping for the week on two main days. I loved how I could prepare meals in advance so there were always meals and snacks ready when I got hungry. The organization just made sense to me and they really worked hard to make it convenient. So, instead of having to rearrange my whole life to make this work, the Reset totally worked for me. Doesn’t hurt that my boss noticed my energy levels were up at work, and…
Carol R.



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