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You’re about to spend some quality time in the kitchen learning how to make raw food taste amazing. That being said, you may need to purchase or borrow some new kitchen equipment.

To make it easy, here’s a list of our favorite items to have in the kitchen at the lowest price we could find.  We’ve included with links to buy them on Amazon.


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For those joining the 21 Day Reset here’s a list of required and recommended cooking equipment is below.

21 Day Kitchen Equipment List To Have Ready

  • Cutting knife
  • Cutting board
  • High-powered blender
  • Food processor (some high powered blenders work as food processors also)
  • Sealable containers
  • Mason jars
  • Large bowl
  • Masking tape & marker
  • Food dehydrator (optional)
  • Coffee grinder (optional)
  • Vegetable spiral slicer (optional)
  • Mandolin slicer with V-slicer (optional)

Below is a brief description of each item along with a link to a quality online buying option. For even cheaper deals, check out your local thrift store or online classifieds (such as Craigslist if you live in the States):

chefs-knifeA quality chef’s knife. Kitchen gadgets are useful for chopping and cutting, but basic knife skills will be a huge asset when it comes to food prep, so take some time to develop your knife skills.

Great deal for a chef’s knife online

cutting board

A decent cutting board is crucial for preparing fresh fruits and vegetables. Wood is a classic choice, but flexible cutting boards allow you to funnel your choppings directly into a plate, bowl, or blender.

Great deal on flexible cutting boards
Great deal on bamboo cutting boards

vita mixhigh-powered blender is helpful but by no means required. A consumer blender will do the trick for these 21 days, but a Vitamix or Blendtec can make a world of difference with food prep. A bit of Internet research can land you a high-powered blender for less than $300. Until then, make the most of the equipment you have (a $30-$50 blender is plenty for these purposes). If you want to purchase or upgrade to a high-power blender, three options are listed below.

Great blender under 100$ – KitchenAid (while it isn’t high-powered, it will do the job just fine)
Great deal on Blendtec (this offers plenty of options and is remarkably intuitive when it comes to blending exactly what you need)
Great deal on Vitamix (the most powerful blender available, this serves as a food processor as well)

food processorfood processor is a must-have for making cheeses, spreads, and even desserts. These are easy to find at any store that sells small kitchen appliances or through resale shops and online classifieds.

Great deal on a food processor

sealable containersSealable containers come in a variety of sizes, from smaller options for dressings, dips, and hummus to larger containers for spreads, marinated veggies, and entrées. Be sure to buy sturdy containers for to-go meals, as flimsy varieties are notorious for popping open in backpacks or lunch boxes.

Great deal on cheap, decent containers
More expensive but better-quality containers
Even more expensive but optimal-quality glass containers

mason jarMason jars are great for smoothies and nut milks and for soaking nuts, seeds, oats, and chia puddings. Glass is easy to clean, doesn’t leak chemicals when heated (unlike plastic), and seals nicely; the downside, obviously, is its breakability. We suggest purchasing three to five 32-ounce jars for smoothies, nut milks, puddings, and water. An economically and environmentally friendly option is reusing pickle, pasta sauce, and apple sauce jars.

large bowlA large bowl is critical for your salads and noodle dishes. Because raw food meals contain far fewer calories than your usual diet, you’ll need to fill your bowl to the brim. Any large bowl works, although a wooden option is a particularly classy choice.

Great deal on large wooden bowl


Picture-010Mastering your labelling skills will radically simplify your cleansing experience, and all you need is masking tape and a marker. The two critical pieces of information include: what’s inside the container; and the date by which it should be consumed. You can also note the meal or day of the week for which it was prepared. If you’re feeling particularly territorial, label it with misnomers like “Dog Food” or “Science Experiment” to keep fridge-grazers at bay.

Deal on blue masking tape

dehydratorIf you already have a food dehydrator, we strongly recommend using it during the cleanse; it’s a great tool for making the crispy treats and savory snacks that are often missed when going raw. If you don’t have this equipment in your arsenal, not to worry: you can purchase those delicious treats at your health food store. Dehydrators are also useful for warming up meals and drying soaked nuts and seeds.

Great on a food dehydrator

coffee grinderA coffee grinder is optional but helpful for grinding nuts and seeds for salad and pasta toppings.

Great deal on a coffee grinder

spiral slicerA vegetable spiral slicer is great for making noodles from zucchini. A knife can do the same trick, but a slicer will make your noodles especially delicate and thin.

Great deal on a vegetable spiral slicer

mandolin slicerA mandolin slicer with V-slicer is another optional tool, great for slicing up veggies for chips and salads—and when you add the V-slicer, it makes noodles, much like the above vegetable spiral slicer. The V-slicer is also useful for making long, straight noodles for leaves and nori wraps.


Great deal on a mandolin slicer with V-slicer



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