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Healthy Cool Treats, Backyard Burgers & Pasta


All the deliciousness of the season is in this issue!

As we dove into making this issue, we salivated just thinking about so many classic summer dishes.  After re-living childhood dreams of watermelon by the lake, popsicles at the park and backyard potlucks galore, we arrived at 5 crucial topics… here they are below.

1. Perfect Picnics

Jumping right in on page 46, you’ll find our top 10 perfect picnic ideas to have an unforgettable experience. Get ready to bite into juicy backyard burgers, light pastas, cool treats and fresh salads!

2. Traveling Raw & Happy

Traveling is another topic that seems to pop-up around this time of the year.   With that said, we found 5 of the most amazing and unexpected travel destinations for raw foodies.  Now, you can pick a travel spot and maintain your raw food lifestyle with ease.

3. Secrets To A Slim & Sexy You

Find a cozy spot, press the play button on page 31 and listen to 50 minutes of eye-opening secrets to becoming a slim, sexy and HAPPY you.  Koya Webb, a renowned nutritionist, fitness model and health coach, is going to walk you through the weight loss myths and truths.  She’ll not only cover simple advice to losing weight but also how to keep it off for good.

4. Simple Grocery List & 8 Healthiest Fruits

Yes, as the warm weather begins to rise, so do cravings for ripe, juicy fruits!  Bu,t which fruits are the best for you?  Don’t worry – we did the research for you and broke it down to 8 amazing seasonal fruits with the best health benefits.  I’m sure you’ll be surprised when you see which fruits made the list.  And, don’t forget to checkout page 11, where you’ll get a simple grocery list to make sure your kitchen is stocked with all of the raw essentials.

5. Recipes, Recipes and RECIPES!

Writing the word recipe in the headline 3 times is not an understatement by any means.  Your eyes and taste buds will shout for joy when you see the array of comfort foods made raw, healthy and delicious.  On side note, most of these raw recipes are not only amazing but also easy and quick to make.

As always, there’s a lot more inside.  Here are a few more of our favorites in this issue.

Here’s a quick look of what’s inside:

  • 40+ Delicious Raw Food Recipes
  • Fast’n Healthy Fun Frozen Treats
  • Top 5 Unexpected Raw-Friendly Travel Destinations
  • Backyard Burgers, Salsa & Sides
  • Light Pasta & Fresh Salads
  • How To Be Sexy & Slim For Good
  • Raw-tastic Grocery Shopping List
  • 6 Ways To Increase Your Energy In 5 Minutes
  • Beauty Secrets To Healthy Beach Hair & Glowing Skin
  • Simple Foods That Burn Fat & Boost Energy
  • Top Books For Your Vacation Reading List
  • Summer Smoothie Round-up
  • 2015 Unexpected Raw-Friendly Travel Destinations
  • 8 Healthiest Fruits For This Season
  • Natural Pest Control For Your Garden
  • 10 Perfect Picnic Ideas
  • And much, much more…

We hope you have a marvelous season full of friends, family and delicious food 🙂

– Sara Grove, Co-founder

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