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Top 10 Raw Food Kitchen Essentials



The raw food diet is based on the idea that cooking food destroys the enzymes and nutrients within it and thus makes it less nutritious.

A raw food diet is typically based on fruits, vegetables, nuts and some grains.

Since raw food still need to be prepared, someone following the raw food diet will need the following implements:


A blender will also get a lot of use, for the raw foodist can use it to make smoothies, soups and salsas. The blender will need a powerful motor.

Quality knives

You simply can’t get away with having a low-quality knife in your kitchen, any kitchen. Thus, eating a raw food diet consist of having to slice through ingredients with a tough exterior. Choose a paring knife, chef’s all –purpose knife and a Chinese cleaver.

Cutting board

You absolutely need to ensure that you have a variety of cutting boards available in your kitchen – whether you choose expensive wooden ones or more affordable acrylic. As long as you have one nearby when the prep work begins.

Food processor

You’ll be doing your fair share of grating and shredding, which is why it makes sense to purchase a high-quality food processor to take the work out of food preparation. Stay clear of the cheapest variety but it’s also not necessary for the most expensive one on the market.

Coffee/ Spice grinder

A grinder can be used to grind fresh spices, which raw foodists prefer over the pre-ground spices in stores. A grinder can also be used to grind seeds or nuts.

Essential food dehydrator

You simply can’t follow a raw food diet without purchasing a food dehydrator – an invaluable raw food kitchen gadget for any raw foodist. Ranging between cheap and expensive, you ultimately need to find one matching your needs and budget.

Handy mandoline slicer

What better way to add some character to your plate than with a mandoline slicer. They’re cheaper than food processors and easier to clean, which makes it an essential raw food kitchen gadget to have.

Fine mesh strainer

Many raw food recipes require some form of straining, which makes a fine mesh strainer essential. Not only is it an inexpensive raw food kitchen gadget to have, it also makes life easier, instead of having to use a cheesecloth.

Food storage containers

Whether you have leftovers or simply need to store your prep work for later, having reliable and affordable food storage containers will keep your food fresh and colorful – ensuring tasty snacks wherever you may go.


Used for obtaining zest from lemons, having a zester in your kitchen is a must-have for any raw food diet follower. Producing fine, thread-like strips of citrus zest, a zester will only make life a little bit more colorful.

By adding the above-mentioned raw food diet kitchen tools to your wish list, eating healthy can become an everyday adventure – being able to try different things with what nature gives us. Remember, eating healthy not only makes you feel better, mentally and physically, you’re also able to create colorful dishes on a whim without adding non-essential fats and oils.


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