Raw-Food Diet Friendly Cities

Raw-Food Diet Friendly Cities

While some people be temporarily trying out a raw-food diet, for others it is a permanent lifestyle choice. For some, certain health conditions also limit the food options that can be eaten and leave those with restrictions forced to maintain a raw-food diet. Organic foods have grown significantly in popularity and have aided in the quest for raw-food diets, making them easier for people to follow. As many Americans begin to focus their diets on plant-based food and return to the basics, the market is increasing the options available to people. These U.S. cities take the cake (or plant-based alternative) when it comes to successfully accommodating raw food diets.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of the friendliest cities in the country for raw food options. The city’s emphasis on raw food is evident by the long list of restaurants that cater to all options within the raw food umbrella. Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan – all diets and lifestyles will be satisfied with Portland’s offerings. Blossoming Lotus, top rated vegan restaurant in Portland, keeps things fresh and healthy without ditching any flavor.

Even the world’s biggest meat-eater will be pleasantly surprised with the dishes at this restaurant. While the Blossoming Lotus does not solely serve vegan dishes, most dishes are vegetarian.  Feast upon the chickpea chana masala curry or keep things light with the roast beet and apple salad. The Portland Farmers Market also fares well for those looking to eat fresh – and local. Bring your reusable bag and stock up on fruits and veggies to fill up your plate.

San Francisco, California

Another West coast staple that will please raw-foodies is San Francisco. With any major city, the food options are far greater and much easier to cater to different palates. But the West Coast has been ahead of healthy trends for a while, and they have got it figured out. San Francisco makes a point of making healthy taste good and making it super easy to find healthy options.

Health food stores are around every corner, so you can purchase every special ingredient needed to create a menu full of raw-food favorites. The Berkeley Bowl brings healthy food to multiple convenient locations in San Francisco. The store is flooded with rich produce, and organic meats and dairy. Most of the produce is locally sourced, and makes up the largest supply in the area.  

Boulder, Colorado

Vegans and vegetarians rejoice – for Boulder might have one of the best selections of restaurants suited for meat-free, plant based diets. Colorado may be known for its sights and slopes, but these restaurants are making a mark. Thrive thrives on its array of dishes that satisfy those that are gluten free, vegan, soy free, or looking for only organic options.

Fast food can be healthy at Thrive, with quick-fix smoothies, salads, and scrumptious pudding bowls. Julia’s Kitchen offers up dishes that are so cozy and creamy, you wouldn’t realize they are entirely vegan. Pizza, quiche, burgers – all your old favorites are only made better with these vegetarian alternatives.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The East Coast gives the West Coast a run for its money with its own array of restaurants and markets to welcome in raw-food eaters. Ditch the idea of cheesesteaks because Philly has plenty of veggie dishes that will rival the town’s beloved meat sandwich. Vedge is one of the highest rated restaurants in Philadelphia, as well as one of the top vegan spots in the whole country.

Almost any vegetable you can imagine is curated to create sensational dishes like the smoked eggplant with salsa verde or the grilled beets with lentils and truffle.  Vegetables even come into play in some of the specialty cocktails served here.

Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital, which is known for its extensive culinary masterpieces, tops the charts for raw-food diet friendly cities.  A shopping trip at the Eastern Market will have your fridge stocked for the whole week with local, organic produce. D.C. has tons of raw-food friendly restaurants, but a favorite is the once a week pop up Elizabeth’s Gone Raw. The menu changes weekly, so there are always fresh, seasonal creations. Elizabeth’s Gone Raw also makes their own juices, sodas, and even syrups for their beverage concoctions.

These big cities are packed with big flavors and innovative spins on traditional dishes. Whether you have dietary restrictions, prefer a raw-food lifestyle, or simply are open to new things, you will find what you are looking for at these restaurants dedicated to using organic items and offering vegan options.



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