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Wrap Up The Holidays Fast With These Tips

As the holidays start to wind down, many of us experience a sense of dread at the thought of having to take down all the decorations and get things back to normal. Use these tips and tricks to make your post-holiday cleaning and organizing a breeze.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Post-holiday clean up is a great time to declutter and make room for all the new things you received this season. Don’t just start throwing things away. Donation and repurposing is a great way to get rid of the old. This is also a good activity to do with your kids as well. Make it a game to have them gather up old toys to donate so they can make room for their new toys.

Be Mindful Of How You Put Things Away

It’s so easy to just throw everything in a box and be done with it, but you will hate yourself for it next year. Try using your empty wrapping paper rolls to wrap up the lights and keep them from tangling. Don’t throw away all of that tissue paper from the gift bags. Reuse it to safely wrap your ornaments before putting them away.

Just Clean

Most of us save the deep clean for the spring, but the holiday wrap up is a great time to take care of a few things and make spring cleaning easier. Check your carpet and furniture for any stains that may have occurred during your gatherings. It’s better to treat them now than to wait and hope for the best later on.

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Now that your holiday cleaning is over you can relax with a great meal, but that doesn’t mean you have to work as hard at cooking as you did during your post-party cleanup. This Red Bell Pepper Miso Soup is fast, great tasting, and will have you rejuvenated from your long day in no time.


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