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FoodSaver 4980 Review

If you're getting tired of wasting money buying food a bit at a time, tired of cooking every night, or tired of things going bad before you have a chance to finish them, then a vacuum food sealer might be the answer to your problems. We hate all those problems, too, and we love storing our garden herbs for long periods and buying in bulk. That's why we're doing this FoodSaver 4980 review.

With a great vacuum food sealer like the FoodSaver 4980, you can seal all kinds of foods in their bags or any container, removing the air that allows bacteria to thrive. With a sealer, you can buy that 30-pound box of hamburger patties or make your Aunt Maria's famous lasagna in bulk and keep it as long as you need.

Comparison Table

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FoodSaver 4980 Review

We're really excited about this FoodSaver 4980 review because, honestly, we hadn't through too hard about the many benefits of vacuum sealing our food before now. We were desperately harvesting the basil from the garden and freezing it before it went rotten when we could have been drying it and sealing it with this machine instead.

The FoodSaver is about as easy to use as anything you'll ever plug into a power socket, and you can vacuum seal bags, jars, and other containers as you like. It also has an amazing marinate mode: if you think a steak isn't a steak unless it has marinated for at least three hours, you'll be surprised at the mere minutes it takes to achieve that same marinade flavor with this device.

Product Specs


How It Compares

For this FoodSaver 4980 review, we compared the FoodSaver to three similar models you might appreciate. These include the:

  • PolyScience 150 Series Vacuum Sealing System
  • Oliso Pro Frisper PRO-1000 Smart Vacuum Sealer
  • CASO Germany Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver 4980 2-In 1 Vacuum Sealing System

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  • Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • Design Quality

FoodSaver stands behind their sealers with a two-year warranty.


  • Good price
  • Reasonable warranty
  • Nice design, including marinate mode
  • Completely automatic


  • A bit heavy
  • May be too powerful for small households

PolyScience 150 Series Vacuum Sealing System

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This is an inexpensive machine that is great for small homes. It has a nice, low profile, works quickly, and is a real time and energy saver. The PolyScience comes with an accessory port so you can attach a hose and use it to vacuum seal things other than bags.

It also has an excellent pulse feature that we loved. Activate this and you don't have to worry about accidentally sucking everything out of the bag in a moment. If you like, you can use the heat seal function without removing any air at all.

  • Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • Design Quality

Compared with the FoodSaver warranty, this one isn't impressive. It's only 12 months rather than two years, and if they have to send you a replacement, the replacement is only under warranty for three months. You also have to remember to go online to activate the warranty after you purchase the product.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Small with a low profile
  • Seals without vacuum function
  • Pulse function


  • Poor warranty
  • Not as durable as other models
  • Cannot adjust vacuum pressure

Oliso Pro Frisper PRO-1000 Smart Vacuum Sealer

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The Oliso looks like a space age gadget, and that's just what it is. In fact, we weren't initially sure what the thing was. Fortunately, we didn't let that stop us from trying it out, and we were pleased with what we discovered.

This is a very compact sealer that you can easily store in a drawer rather than keeping it on the counter. If you choose to put it on the counter, it won't take up too much space; yet it's very powerful for its size and works quickly.

The “Frisper” simply punches a hole in the bag, sucks out the air, and then seals the hole back up. It detects when there's liquid in the mix, and it will turn down the suction power to compensate. It's also capable of keeping your wine fresh. You can get a mason jar adaptor attachment sold separately.

  • Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • Design Quality

Oliso offers a standard one-year warranty on their Frisper. If you register the product, you'll get another three months tacked on to that.


  • Compact and easy to store
  • Powerful for the size
  • Bags are reusable


  • Must use their brand of bags
  • Mason jar attachment sold separately
  • Sometimes needs a second seal

CASO Germany Vacuum Sealer

[amazon box=”B009EDMBQU”]

This is an excellent sealer from a company that produces premium products. It is fully automatic and has a sensitive temperature control that makes sure you get the perfect seam with a double weld. This vacuum sealer comes with a cutter that folds out, a box to store bags in, and a universal attachment for vacuum sealing any type of container. This is a slightly bigger unit, but it has a nice stainless steel look that will fit in most kitchens.

Casa is a boutique housewares brand that specializes in using the most advanced tech and standing behind their products, which we appreciated. You can use their bags or get your own, which is a nice choice, and the bags they offer are of great quality. Our only concern was making sure we have the 110v version and not the 220v version, considering we were buying from a European company.

  • Ease of Use
  • Effectiveness
  • Design Quality

The warranty offered by Caso is the best in the business. You get a one-year warranty automatically. If you register your product within a month of buying it, you can get a two-year extension on that warranty. We were impressed.


  • Very power for large jobs
  • Looks great in most kitchens
  • Comes with all needed attachments
  • Great warranty


  • Expensive
  • Not durable for the price
  • Finicky to use at times


We looked at some great vacuum sealers in our FoodSaver 4980 review, and we would honestly be pleased to use any of them in our kitchen. We do have an opinion, however, on the best of the bunch and on the FoodSaver in particular.

Best for Big Jobs

If you regularly need to vacuum seal large portions, we recommend the Caso. It's the only one that can handle bigger bags easily, and with the potential for a three-year warranty, you can get help for any problems you might have.

Best for an RV

If you live in a tiny house, travel with an RV, or just have a really small kitchen, the Oliso is your best bet. It's the only one that we looked at that we could truly call “compact.”

The FoodSaver

This is a FoodSaver 4980 review, so it only stands to reason we would end with this machine. We honestly found it by far the best of the bunch. It was more expensive than the PolyScience vacuum sealer, but it was far more reliable and well made.

In our tests, the FoodSaver proved to be cheaper, more reliable, and more durable than the Oliso or the Caso; and while it is also bulkier and doesn't look as sleek, we don't think that's a problem if you're getting a better machine for less.

If you want a vacuum sealer for ordinary home use, we have to recommend the FoodSaver 4980. In this FoodSaver 4980 review, we award the machine in question a full 5 stars out of 5 as we run off to get one as a permanent piece in our kitchen.


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