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How to Start Fresh & Slim Down This Season

raw food magazine with easy raw vegan recipes

Want to experience your favorite foods without the downside?

Where you don’t have to compromise because every meal is a win-win situation?

We created this issue to resolve a classic food-lover’s quandary: Mexican food.

Tacos are all the rage, but somehow after eating processed tortillas stuffed with cream and cheese and cooked-to-mush beans, our bodies just don’t feel so great.

Well, we wanted to change this.

Because it’s about time for some outrageously delicious AND outrageously healthy Mexican food.

But we didn’t just go to the foodie frontlines for you about tacos alone.

No, no, we packed this issue with revolutionary new ways to snack that give you sustainable energy and no crash.

We rounded up the best breakfast smoothies to beat bloat and rediscover your waistline this spring.

We asked an expert beautician about the most effective natural ways to reduce wrinkles, shrink pores and brighten skin so you can look and feel absolutely radiant this spring.

Let this season be a Win-Win for you.

Have your raw veg cheesecake and eat it, too–proudly and shamelessly.

Heap your plate with heart healthy guacamole and spice it up with a new twist on Tapatio sauce.

Whip up heavenly sweets to share, knowing you are doing good for both soul and body.

Indulge in the things you love that love you right back.

Enjoy life without the downside.

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Want to know what sort of goodies are waiting for you inside?

  • Best breakfast smoothies to beat bloat and burn more fat throughout the day to get slim and light this spring
  • Super simple vegan treats to satisfy your sweet tooth without sabotaging your body weight goals
  • Sweet and Salty Power Snacks for energy without the crash
  • BUSTED: The Truth Behind The Diet Industry’s 5 Biggest Food Myths
  • Expert beautician shares best natural ways to reduce wrinkles, shrink pores and smooth skin
  • Calming guided meditation for mindful eating to improve digestion, reduce appetite and make you less of a craving-crazed food monger
  • How to start seedlings inside for a fast first crop of your own home-grown organic veggies
  • How to live long with lemongrass!
  • Are you missing vital nutrients? How you can tell and what to do about it
  • Plus so much more!

It’s time to indulge without the downside.

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2 years ago

Is this an actual paper magazine Subscription that comes in the mail? Or is it only digital and online?

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