Viktoriya and Oksana Viktoriya and Oksana

Viktoriya and Oksana

Viktoriya and Oksana

Oksana is an immunotherapy cancer researcher based in Detroit, Michigan. She is the left-handed, analytical twin. Besides her cancer research studies, she also enjoys Bachata music, creating plant-based recipes, webdesigning, meditating, and reading books on self-development and spiritual growth. She is a student of Dr. Wayne Dyer and her current favorite book is Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching” translated by Kevin M. Thomas.

Viktoriya is a multi-media creative artist based in Los Angeles, California. Viktoriya’s love for all types of creative work has driven her to seek experiences in a variety of art-related fields. She loves doing sculpture, set and concept design, as well as motion graphics, and stop motion animation. She is committed and enthusiastic about any type of work, because she believes “Every job is an opportunity for growth.”

My most recent recipes or articles:

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