Raw Food Magazine – New Issue! You, Your Pet and 2018!

New Issue! You, Your Pet and 2018!

As for 2018, we have now been blessed with the good fortune of DOG, and it’s about time.

Like many of us, your New Years resolution may include being happier and healthier, but for some it may even include welcoming a furry addition to the family. You can smash all three of these goals with one adorable ball of fluff, plus with the added bonus of saving a life.

Are you tired of just eating same old dish for breakfast? From another series of raw vegan breakfast pancakes to two bonus raw vegan dog treats, we promise you’re not the only one who’d benefit from this issue, but your furry pal too!

You just started on your raw food journey then you start craving pizza? Find out how you can manage your pizza craving here, and even throw a party or two with friends!

Adopt a dog and you’ll improve his furry life as well as your own. But what about pet allergies you ask? Do they ever go away? Let’s find out in this issue.

An interview with an awesome raw food chef, Anya Andreeva, will inspire you on her Raw Vegan journey to help you in your transition to introducing more raw foods in your diet.

Continue on what you’ve started and make this year the best year ever!

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The official Raw Food Magazine sneak peak in bullet points:

  • The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is forging on and enjoying a raw food diet
  • Should You Try Salt Cave Therapy?
  • Mistakes we’re ALL making when it comes to our annual spring clean (and how to avoid them)
  • Oil Cleansing For Beautiful Skin
  • Raw Vegan Breakfast Pancakes – no more boring breakfast, we promise!
  • Raw Vegan Sweet Treats – wouldn’t it be great to have delicious dessert options that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve fallen off the healthy eating wagon? Look no further.
  • Bonus!!! A pizza party you, your friends and family including your furry pals can enjoy!!!
  • And so much more!

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