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Exploring the US Vegan Food-Festival Scene


Veganism is skyrocketing in popularity with everyone from celebs like Beyonce to your Average Joe delving into plant-based diets, trying out new recipes and wanting to mingle with like-minded people. With the boosted appeal of this lifestyle came an increased desire for a larger range of consumer products as well as social interaction in the form of restaurants, cafes, markets, festivals and other food-fueled locations and events.

For many years food festivals were being monopolized by meat eaters and milk drinkers. Those of us who kept to a plant-based diet had very little choice in terms of catering outside of our own homes. Luckily this has all changed over recent times and today there are countless authentic and gratifying foodie-fairs featuring the best vegan cuisine prepared by celebrated vegan chefs, aimed at those individuals who opt for a cruelty-free lifestyle.

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There are numerous distinguished vegan and raw food events to attend across the USA. Here are just 3 to consider:

Seed Food & Wine Festival – Miami, Florida

This annual event is a movement rather than just a festival and strives to uplift and enable conversation around conscious living, plant-based foods, sustainability and the general welfare of all animals.  This Florida-based event is the brainchild of Alison Burgos and Michelle Gaber and was inspired by some of the globe’s top foodie festivals. The gathering pays homage to a vast variety of plant-based food, beer, spirits, wine, lifestyle and beauty products and overall sustainable health. This year’s lineup is expected to include more than 200 exhibitors, 10 000 attendees, 40 celebrity chefs, 30 vegan experts, authors, athletes and celebrities of the screen and stage.

Colorado Veg Fest – Golden, Colorado

The VegFest Colorado is a swanky 2-day affair promoting a vegan lifestyle featuring celebrated speakers who share their research and views on topics ranging from health and diet to environmental issues and compassion towards animals. The festival also boasts numerous expert chefs who demonstrate how to cook and bake a variety of delectable plant-based dishes.  The event attracts thousands of attendees annually and offers additional activities such as food samplings, a variety of exhibitions, restaurants, and entertainment as well as activities aimed especially at kids. Attendees will be able to spend quality time with like-minded people while savoring delicious food in a wholesome and friendly environment.

World Veg Festival – San Francisco, California

The first-ever World Veg Festival was held in San Francisco in 1988 and has been an annual event ever since.  The award-winning event was originally created in celebration of World Vegetarian Day with the 2018 occasion marking 50 years of the San Francisco Vegetarian Society.  Regular features at the festival include vegan cooking demonstrations by renowned chefs, numerous exhibitors and vendors, safe and fun kids’ activities, live entertainment and even an eco-friendly fashion show. Dynamic speakers and nutritional experts ensure that vegans, as well as curious omnivores, gain valuable knowledge pertaining to a plant-based lifestyle at the festival.

Hosting your own event

If you are a passionate vegan or raw-food enthusiast and live in an area that does not host any related event you should perhaps consider hosting your own.  Organizing an entire festival might seem like a harrowing task but once you look at the potential of such an event you will more than likely feel inspired enough to go ahead with your plans.  It is important to remember that you don’t have to start out big. A small, one-day event will perfectly suffice. As you gain more experience and more attendees you can always expand your horizons. Set realistic and achievable event goals for yourself and work through them systematically to ensure the best possible outcome.

Making the decision to embark on a vegan lifestyle is no small feat.  Taking responsibility for your own health and the well-being of the planet is nothing short of applaudable and should, without a doubt, be celebrated with as many plant-based inspired events and festivals as what there is space for on the calendar.


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