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Juliane Porter

Juliane Porter

Juliane Porter is an artist and founder of StyleNectar.com where she shares tips on living beautifully via food, holistic lifestyle and art. She enjoys a gluten-free, primarily raw vegan “foodstyle” and serves beautiful recipesalongside wellness articles and her commissioned fine Art weekly at StyleNectar.com. Through her website StyleNectar.com, Juliane illustrates that it's possible to Live beautifully in body, mind, spirit — and one's surroundings — without sacrifice to flavor, health, happiness or beauty!

StyleNectar Food features delicious and beautiful, high vibration recipes with the freshest flavor and ingredients for our highest potential health, beauty and vitality! She's discovered how to prepare amazing food that also helps us feel and look the same. These dishes are tremendously healing to our body, mind and soul… and the planet too! They’re simple and easy to make. Her transformation to a primarily Raw Vegan FoodStyle began with becoming a vegetarian as a result of loving her pets, learning the travesties of factory farming and becoming aware of the multitude of health ramifications.

Juliane catapulted from Vegetarian to Raw Vegan after experiencing the delicious rocket fuel energy from her first cold pressed Green Juice. She was instantly hooked and hasn't looked back since! She finds raw vegan food to be the freshest, most vibrant, beautiful and delicious food she's ever had - and that's coming from a gal with a discriminatin palate. Join her in celebrating the transformative power of Living Foods. It's life changing... and incredibly delicious!

StyleNectar Holistic LifeStyle features holistic living articles on nutrition, wellness, beauty, meditation, spirituality, essential oils, philosophy and more. And, StyleNectar Art is where Juliane shares her latest oil paintings, with a focus on portraiture, including both private and commissioned pieces.

Website: http://www.stylenectar.com/

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Raw Caramel Apples

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